Lotto Tip #5 - Sum Of The Six Numbers Of Every Jackpot Drawn

Samples used for this calculation is 3915 jackpot results that cover the lotto games 6/42, 6/45, and 6/49.

Maybe it's not significant that the sum of lotto numbers have something to do with increasing the chances of winning. An analysis of the lotto results however reveal that an extremely low sum, like 38, rarely happens; and, an extremely high sum, like 248, rarely happens as well.

Between 38 and 248, our median is 137. This means that the sum of your lotto numbers should be around 137. If we're going to talk about the frequency of a sum, 144 is the hottest sum. However, though the sum 144 appeared 57 times, that's only 1.4%. So, we have to consider a range that will cover at least 95% of the population. The table below summarizes my analysis.

Ideal lowest sum78
Ideal highest sum189
Lowest sum38
Highest sum248

The ideal sum, lowest to highest, is the range of sum that has a 94% probability. Therefore, if you're going to add your lotto numbers, the sum must be between 78 -189.

You may download a file related to this at the download site . The LG Plus tools contain the data.