The Probability of Each Number Making A Match

In my previous post, I mentioned the number of combinations that can be formed from lotto 6/42, 6/45, 6/49 and 6/55. Based on those figures, we already know that our odds of winning the lotto 6/42 is 1 over 5 million. From lotto 6/45, it is 1 over 8 million; from 6/49, 1 over 13 million; and from lotto 6/55, 1 over 28 million.

Playing Lotto 6/42, therefore, gives you better chances of hitting a number correctly than from lotto 6/45, 6/49 or 6/55. No wonder why the 6/42 jackpot is often won, more frequently compared to the jackpots of 6/45, 6/49, and lotto 6/55.

For each number in 6/42, the chance of hitting it correctly is 1:42 or 2.38%. With 6 numbers, 21.43%; but, you have to play all numbers in order to benefit from that probability. That means forming seven 6-number combinations. At least, that assures you that 6 of these numbers will make a hit. It's just a matter of combining them effectively. The challenge now is which numbers would you combine with other numbers. Try LGPlus to find out.

The Odds of Winning