The Odds Of Winning Lotto 6/55

What is your chance of winning Lotto 6/55?

There are 28,989,675 unique six-number combinations that you can form from numbers 1 to 55.  That means, the probability of one combination to win is 1 : 28,989,675. To secure your winning, you have to play all the possible combinations. That will cost you ₱579,793,500.00 if each bet costs ₱20 (substitute the amount in your local currency). You have to wait till the jackpot prize reaches more than ₱579M in order for you to profit. Moreover, if a card can play 6 combinations, you need 4,831,612 cards in order to play all the combinations. To play using the System 12, you need 31,374 System 12s.

Is there a way to increase the probability of winning lotto 6/55?

To increase your chances or odds of winning,
  • Play more combinations, and;
  • Eliminate the unlikely combinations.
Statistically speaking, playing multiple combinations everyday does not increase your odds of winning. Your odds of winning depend on the number of combinations you play, not on the number of days you play. Say, you play 10 combinations every day, your chances of winning remain constant each day which is 10:28 million. The probability of losing is much higher than winning. Therefore, it is not wise to spend so much money every day for lotto. It is much wiser to save your money until you have much to play more combinations.

There are a number of ways to eliminate unlikely combinations. There are posts here that can give you an idea on how to avoid the combinations with lower probability.