Latest Update June 2009

As our sample data grow, probability rates may vary. So, I'm giving you updates if our early probability findings have changed. So, far nothing has changed significantly.

Probability of a lotto result being drawn twice is 1/4187 or 0.02%. Based on this, if your 6 lotto numbers have been drawn before, it is unlikely that is going to be drawn again.

Probability of a quint being drawn again is 217/25122 or 0.86%. A quint is a 5-number combination formed from 6-number combination. Out of 6 lotto numbers, you can form 6 sets of quints.Based on the probability rate, if 5 of your numbers have been part of any drawn result before, it is unlikely that your set of 5 numbers is going to be drawn again. A repeat is possible but the chances are very, very low.

Probability of quad being drawn more than twice is 1244/62805 or 1.98%. A quad is 4-number combination formed from a 6-number combination. Out of 6 lotto numbers, you can form 15 sets of quads. In the case of quads, the chance of being drawn again for the third time is unlikely.

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Coming up next - frequency distribution. We'll see if there are significant trends if we group the numbers like 1-9, 10-19, etc.


Super Lotto 649 Hot Numbers June 2009

Numbers tend to be busy in a short period, then, hibernate for a while or a longer period. Here's a list of Super Lotto 6/49 hot numbers. Consider a larger probability sample when you pick your six numbers. For example, there are more numbers having 3 hits than those having 4 or 5 hits. Therefore, two of your numbers may come from this group.

Let's take a look at the all-time Super Lotto 6/49 numbers. Click the tab "All Time Hot". The all time hottie is number 18 (based on the number of hits). However, if we're going to compare the probability rates of each number, the probability variance doesn't show much significance. That's how good the lotto system of PCSO . It makes sure that there is no significant trending. Anyway, for the purpose of this discussion, let's take a closer look at the number 18.

I have extracted all results having the number 18. (Click the tab/link "Results With 18"). There are 123 of them out of 832 results or 14.78%. Click the tab/link "18 & Co." to see which number goes well with the number 18. Based on those data, the number 30 is commonly associated with the number 18. So, if 18 is your favorite number, consider 30 as well.

Now click the next tab "18 & 30" and examine how often the duo18 and 30 comes out every year. It ranges from 1 to 5. That means, 18 and 30 may come out 5 times this year. So far, it has come out only once. So, the duo may probably make a hit 4 times more.

You can examine the rest of the data and find out yourself how the numbers are distributed. How can these data help you? Well, at least, if you're playing 18 and 41, you might think twice because 41 has paired with 18 only 5 times.

Good luck and good fortune!


The Probability Theory

One of the meanings of the mathematical theory of probability is "the interpretation  of probabilities as relative frequencies, for which simple games involving coins, cards, dice, and roulette wheels provide examples. The distinctive feature of games of chance is that the outcome of a given trial cannot be predicted with certainty, although the collective results of a large number of trials display some regularity." (The New Encyclopeadia Britannica, Volume 26, 15th Edition, 1993, "Probability Theory")