"I Win the Jackpot."

Do you believe in luck?

In the article "Millionaire Mind - Win Lottery: Is it Luck or Law of Attraction" by Leo Foster, he mentioned that there are three groups of people who have varying dispositions about luck.

  1. Those who do not believe in luck are not lucky at all.
  2. Those who believe that hard work gives them luck.
  3. Those who believe in luck becomes lucky.
In short, what you believe is what you become. Further, Foster said that "All your beliefs, values and rules must be aligned [to win and luck] and there must be NO conflict among them." That means, get rid of any doubt in your mind and all the negative stuff that you have thought of and have been believing ever since. In other words, you need a paradigm shift to a better and positive outlook or point of view. He cautions, however, that winning the lottery is just one of the many sources of money. One should not neglect work, investments, and productivity. And, have fun.

To re-frame one's mind to being confident about being lucky all the time, Foster suggested the affirmation "I win the jackpot. I win the jackpot. I win the jackpot."

You can read Leo Foster's complete article at Self Growth.