Grand Lotto 6/55 Sticky Numbers

Lotto NumberGoes Well With
01not enough data
0724, 34, 39, 43, 48
27not enough data
4126, 48
505, 18, 39
525, 24, 36, 42
534, 11, 13, 26
55not enough data
Sticky numbers are numbers that are frequently drawn together. If you ever wonder which number goes well with what number, here's a partial list of those numbers. These data are based on 90 draws from Grand Lotto 6/55.

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Grand Lotto 6/55 Cold Numbers

Lotto NumberDate Last Drawn
A lotto number turns cold if for a long period, it has not been winning. But how long is that period?

There is no exact rule to determine how long a period that makes a lotto number cold. It varies from one game to another. However, using Statistics, we can get an idea when to consider a lotto number cold.

For Grand lotto 6/55 specifically, a lotto number turns cold after 10 to 15 draws that it has not been winning. If a lotto number has not won for the last 9 draws, that number may or may not turn cold. There are many cases when on the 10th to 15th draw, the number may win again. However, if the number remains non-winning after the 15th draw, the number tend to hibernate or sleep. That means, it remains  non-winning for a longer period. On record, the number 27 hibernated for as long as 67 draws. The shortest hibernation period is 27 draws.

Should you bet on cold numbers?

If a number has not been winning for 9 consecutive draws, that number may turn cold. But there is also a possibility that it may immediately win within the next 6 draws (10th to 15th draw). If after the 15th draw the number has remained non-winning, most likely this number will sleep or hibernate. In that case, might as well not play on that number.

So, the answer is 'yes' if the number has been cold only for 15 draws. 'No' -- if the number has remained non-winning for longer than 15 draws. The shortest hibernation period is 27 draws -- that is equivalent to 9 weeks. So why risk playing a number that is unlikely to win for a long period of 27 to 67 draws?

Which numbers are hibernating today?

As of June 22, 2012, the numbers 18 and 37 have been hibernating. The number 18 has been asleep for 59 draws now. It has not won since Feb 1, 2012. The number 37 has been asleep for 23 draws now. It has not won since Apr 28, 2012.

The numbers 2, 3, 7, 25, 35, 39, 41, and 49 are considered cold numbers currently. They have been cold (or not drawn) for the last 11 to 15 draws. At any time, any of these numbers may win again or it may continually to hibernate.

The numbers 1 and 22 have been drawn only 4 times out of 90 draws. The last time the number 53 was drawn was on September 6, 2010. The table on your right lists the current cold numbers of Grand Lotto 6/55. Rarely that jackpot numbers contain more than one cold number. Oftentimes, it contains only one or none at all. If you're playing multiple numbers, it's good to mix a cold number with hot numbers and not-so-hot numbers. Check out the hot numbers as well.

Hottest Grand Lotto 6/55 Numbers

Lotto NumberLast Drawn
Want to find out what's hot or not among the Grand lotto 6/55 numbers?

Yesterday was the 90th Grand lotto draw. Based on those draws, 11 numbers topped the list of most frequently drawn numbers. Here they are with #42 topping the list with 17 draws and 05, 12, & 54 having been drawn 13 times.

Also check out the current cold numbers.


Automatic Writing: Does it Work?

Have you heard of automatic writing? Automatic writing is allowing your hand to write something unconsciously. That means, not intended by the conscious mind, no force or push by the muscles of the hand, not dictated by the brain.

Would you like to try automatic writing in picking your lotto numbers? Here's how.

Write on a piece of paper the lotto numbers. For each number, ask yourself: Will number ___ be drawn tonight? Or any question to that effect so long as the answer is answerable by yes or no. Then examine the patterns of your writing. Pick the fewest unique or uncommon patterns. These patterns perhaps mean "yes".

Automatic writing does not prove anything whether it works or not as far as lotto is concerned. But you may try it for fun. If you don't want to use pen and paper, simply ask yourself and follow your gut feel. Some people use fingertips instead of a pen.

Good luck!