Automatic Writing: Does it Work?

Have you heard of automatic writing? Automatic writing is allowing your hand to write something unconsciously. That means, not intended by the conscious mind, no force or push by the muscles of the hand, not dictated by the brain.

Would you like to try automatic writing in picking your lotto numbers? Here's how.

Write on a piece of paper the lotto numbers. For each number, ask yourself: Will number ___ be drawn tonight? Or any question to that effect so long as the answer is answerable by yes or no. Then examine the patterns of your writing. Pick the fewest unique or uncommon patterns. These patterns perhaps mean "yes".

Automatic writing does not prove anything whether it works or not as far as lotto is concerned. But you may try it for fun. If you don't want to use pen and paper, simply ask yourself and follow your gut feel. Some people use fingertips instead of a pen.

Good luck!