Lotto 6/42 Hot Or Sticky Pairs

Lotto jackpot numbers studied based on 1,949 Lotto 6/42 drawings, two numbers may emerge sticky — i.e. lotto numbers that are frequently drawn together. Numbers 1 to 42 produce 861 pairs. Based on actual data, a pair may be frequently drawn 18 to 53 times. These figures increase as the number of draws increases. A sticky pair may recur every 37 draws while a non-sticky pair may recur every 108 draws. These figures, however, are average number of draws. They are not absolute. It means that a pair – sticky or otherwise – may recur immediately after the latest draw; or may recur after 10 draws or even 100 draws. The numbers are variable.

The pair 12–26 is one of the sticky pairs. It has recurred 53 times. But even if it has recurred 53 times, it covers only 2.7% of the total drawings. The pair 23–32 recurred 18 times – the lowest recurrence. That comprises only 0.9% of the total drawings.

Would you stick to one sticky pair?

If a sticky pair can recur 53 times, the probability of that being drawn again is 1 to every 36.77 draws. To ensure, statistically speaking, a 50% chance that 3 of your pairs can make it to the jackpot, you have to play the top 375 sticky pairs. These 375 sticky pairs make 125 six-number lotto combinations.

You can download for free the complete list of Lotto 6/42 sticky pairs here. (not available at this moment).

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Lotto 6/42: Recurrence Of Sticky Threesomes

A sticky threesome is a group of 3 numbers often drawn together. These numbers seem to stick together. In the previous post, sticky foursomes are possible but the probability is less than 1%. Sticky threesomes is a different story.

Is it Good to Stick with Sticky Threesomes?

A sample of lotto 6/42 results from 1,943 drawings were studied. Based on 1,943 jackpot numbers, you can form 38,860 sets of 3 numbers. Some of these sets may have duplicates; some are unique. From these sets, only 1,263 sets remain unique. The rest, 37,597 sets occured at least twice. That means 3.2% of the sets were drawn only once. The remaining 96.8% were drawn more than once. By removing all duplicates from the 38,860 sets, only 11,043 sets remain, of which 9,780 sets were the numbers that occured more than twice; while 1,263 were the sets that occured only once. Therefore, 88.56% of possible trios or threesomes are considered recurring; while only 11.44% are considered non-recurring.

Significance of Sticky Threesomes

Based on the percentages stated above, there's a high probability that any set of 3 numbers extracted from any jackpot numbers can be drawn a multiple times. On record, the highest recurrence of sticky threesomes is 13 times; the lowest is 2 times; or an average of 3.8 occurrences per threesome. Based on these figures, we can conclude that there's no particular threesome that is constantly sticky. Any set of 3 numbers has a good and fair chance. Therefore, whether you stick with the sticky threesomes or non-sticky ones, your odds of winning remain the same. Any threesome can be sticky.

A Cluster of Sticky Threesomes

A cluster of sticky threesomes is a group of sticky threesomes within a larger group of numbers. In a group of 6 numbers, you can form 20 sets of threesomes (or 3-number group). Say each group has recurred 5 times, that means your 6 numbers have won 3 hits a 100 times (5 times 20). At this point, I don't know yet if a cluster of sticky numbers can give you a better chance. You can download Lotto Generator Plus 6/42 (not available at this moment)., a tool that determines which numbers form sticky clusters, to test it yourself.

In a Nutshell

At this point, we already know that:

  1. Jackpot numbers can occur only once.
  2. Any 5 of the jackpot numbers can be drawn twice but the probability is less than 1%.
  3. Any 4 of the jackpot numbers can be drawn more than twice but the probability is less than 1% as well.
  4. Any 3 of the jackpot numbers can be drawn a multiple times. No specific 3-number group is constantly sticky. Any set of 3 is as good as any other.

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Lotto 6/42 Sticky Foursomes: Are They Worth Winning?

Based on 1,943 results (jackpot drawings), any set of 4 numbers coming from any jackpot drawings can win more than once. On record, sticky foursomes have been drawn 3 to 5 times. So far, Lotto 6/42 has 250 sticky foursomes - these are 4 numbers that are usually drawn together repeatedly. Based on 1,943 results, there are 29,145 possible sticky foursomes. Only 250 of these are considered sticky, being drawn 3 to 5 times. The rest, being drawn only once, is 28,625 foursomes. That only makes 0.87%, which is the ratio of sticky foursomes versus unique foursomes.

Would you stick to sticky foursomes?

It is possible that any 4 of any jackpot numbers can be drawn again even up to 5 times. The chance however of that going to happen is less than 1%. Ninety-nine percent says that it's unlikely to happen. Would you go for 1% chance or 99% chance of not sticking to sticky foursomes?

How to check for sticky foursomes

Eliminating sticky foursomes can increase your chance of possibly winning the Lotto considering that 99% of foursomes remain unique or being drawn only once. If you want to find out that you are not playing again the sticky foursomes, you need a program, at least, a spreadsheet program, to check your numbers. The Lotto 6/42 Checker is a tool that stores Lotto 6/42 jackpot drawings. It allows you to check your numbers if at least 4 of your numbers have been previously part of any jackpot numbers. You can download the Lotto 6/42 Checker at (not available at this moment)..

In a nutshell

By eliminating those against the odds, you already know that:

  1. No two jackpot numbers are alike. Each drawing gives a unique combination of lotto numbers.
  2. Any combination of 5 numbers from jackpot numbers can be drawn twice but the probability is only 0.66%.

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Trending This Week In Philippine Lotto

Trending this week in Philippine Lotto are the 4s, 3s, 6s, and 7s. Turning cold are the 9s. Below is the complete tally.

GroupLotto Numbers
431 - 40 - 04 - 49
734 - 25 - 07 - 43
642 - 15 - 06 - 24 - 33 - 51
312 - 30 - 39 - 03 - 21
101 - 19 - 37 - 46 - 55
523 - 14 - 05 - 32 - 41
835 - 08 - 17 - 44
211 - 20 - 38 - 47
927 - 36 - 09

The numbers that you don't see in the table are numbers that are turning cold. The numbers in red are hot numbers. The rest are warm numbers that may turn hot or cold in the next few days.

How the numbers are grouped

The numbers are grouped into nine according to their reduced single digit. For example, group 4 or the 4s are 4, 13, 22, 31, 40, and 49. If you add the two digits, the sum is four. For example, 4 + 9 = 13; 1 + 3 = 4.

A lotto jackpot is usually composed of a mix of hot, warm, and cold numbers. Rarely that a group is included more than twice. For example, a jackpot combination may be composed of unique groups like 476315 or a set of unique groups plus a double group like 928512. This is true in Lotto 6/42. In other Lotto games like 6/45, having two numbers from one group is common.

Trending may change overnight. If you want to find out what's trending, collect all the lotto results for the last 7 days and make a tally. Observe then how the numbers behave.

Good Luck!

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Could Lotto Trending Give You An Idea of the Numbers To Win Next?

Click to enlarge
Let's analyze. Above is a tally of all lotto numbers drawn in the last 12 draws. It covers all lotto games - Grand Lotto 6/55, Super Lotto 6/49, Mega Lotto 6/45, and Lotto 6/42.

I grouped the numbers into 9 sections as you can see in the image. Down below are the total hits or matches in each group. Note that the 6s and 1s were trending followed by the 3s and 2s. Getting cold were the 8s and 9s.

Let's see the result of the draws on Nov 2, 2011.

Grand lotto : 01 - 22 - 55 - 25 - 23 -15 
Mega lotto : 23 - 38 - 06 - 45 - 17 - 30

The results were a mix of hot, cold, and warm numbers.

Trending Odd and Even

Based on the tally of the results, 28 were odd numbers, 44 were even numbers. The results on Nov. 2 gave exactly the opposite.

Let's do another grouping.

I grouped the numbers into 1s, 10s, 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s. The 20s topped with 21 hits; followed by the 30s with 17 hits. The 50s are the coldest with 1 hit; the 40s with 7 hits. The 1s and 10s resulted to 12 and 14 hits respectively.

Now, let's examine the Nov. 2 draw results. Four are 20s. Two are  30s. Two are 1s. Two are 10s. One is 40s. And one is 50s.

On this site will rise a portal


Lotto 6/42 - Probability Of A Set of 5 Numbers Being Drawn More Than Once

The probability of a set of 5 numbers being drawn more than once is 0.66%. That's a very, very low percentage -- less than 1%. Therefore, if 5 of your lotto numbers have been drawn before, most likely, they will not be drawn again. What you can do is to replace one of the 5 numbers with another number.

To check, however, if your numbers have won before, you need to go through each of the jackpot numbers of previous drawings and check if 5 of your numbers have been in the jackpot numbers. That won't be easy. You need a program, a spreadsheet program, at least, that can go through all the results automatically.

Lotto Checker 6/42

This Lotto Checker can help you figure out quickly if 5 of your numbers have been drawn previously. Simply enter your 6 numbers in the boxes. In the next column, it will indicate if 5 of your numbers have won previously. You can download this Lotto Checker FREE. It's a simple spreadsheet program made using OpenOffice Calc. If you do not have OpenOffice Calc, you can download it free on the OpenOffice site. You can open, however, this spreadsheet with Microsoft Excel.


The probability of 0.66% was based on 1927 jackpot numbers taken from Lotto 6/42 previous drawings. These jackpot numbers can form 11,562 five-number combinations. (Six 5-number combinations can be formed from 6 numbers: 1927 x 6 = 11,562.)

In A Nutshell

  • Your chance of winning Lotto 6/42 jackpot is 1 to 5 million plus.
  • Jackpot numbers are not repeated. So far, each Lotto 6/42 drawing result is unique. Therefore, no need to play the jackpot numbers twice or more.
  • If 5 of your numbers had been in the jackpot before, most likely, they will not be drawn again.
So far, we have identified two factors that can increase the odds of winning Lotto 6/42.


Philippine Lotto 6/42 Results: History Drawings

Here's a little trivia.

The very first lotto draw in the Philippines was on March 8, 1995. It was a Lotto 6/42 drawing. The jackpot numbers were 4 - 20 - 22 - 30 - 34 - 38.

If you want a complete list of the history drawings of Philippine Lotto 6/42, you can download Lotto Checker 6/42 at www.amikvs.com. This Lotto tool contains the Lotto 6/42 draw results starting from the very first draw until to date (of this post).


Lotto 6/42: Probability of Jackpot Numbers Being Drawn Again

Should you play again any jackpot results from the previous drawings?

Based on 1,927 Lotto 6/42 drawings, none of the jackpot results had been drawn more than once. That means that each of the jackpot results is unique. Therefore, the probability of a previously drawn jackpot numbers being drawn the second time is zero. So, you need not play those numbers again. If you have a habit of playing previous jackpot numbers, there is no chance that they will be drawn again.

What if you do not know whether your numbers have been jackpot numbers before? If you have a list of history drawings, you can check your numbers manually. Checking more than a thousand numbers manually however is not just practical. You need a tool, like a program, that can automatically check your numbers against the previous drawings.

Lotto Checker 6/42

You can download Lotto Checker for FREE at amikvs.org (not available at this moment). Lotto Checker is a simple spreadsheet program that automatically checks your lotto numbers against the previous drawings. To use it, you simply enter your 6-number combination in the boxes provided. It then displays the number of times your numbers have won before. If your numbers are previous jackpot numbers, might as well replace two of your numbers.

You can customize Lotto Checker any way you want it. You can keep it up-to-date anytime you need to. To keep its database current, you need to enter every new Lotto 6/42 drawing result. If you want to use it in any lotto game, simply replace the content of the database. Currently, the database contains results from Philippine Lotto 6/42 drawings. If you want to use it for other country's lotto game, simply replace the content of the database.

Lotto Checker is written in OpenOffice Calc. You can download OpenOffice for free at OpenOffice.org. You can also open Lotto Checker with Microsoft Excel.

In A Nutshell

  • We already know that the odds of winning Lotto 6/42 is 1 to 5,245,786. Therefore, to increase the chances of winning, play more combinations. 
  • At this point, we now know that jackpot numbers are not repeated. Therefore, you don't need to play them again. With that, you eliminate something that is unlikely to win.


The Odds of Winning Lotto 6/42

What is your chance of winning Lotto 6/42?

There are 5,245,786 unique six-number combinations that you can form from numbers 1 to 42.  That means, the probability of one combination to win is 1 : 5,245,786. To secure your winning, you have to play all the possible combinations. That will cost you ₱52,457,860.00 if each bet costs ₱10 (substitute the amount in your local currency). You have to wait till the jackpot prize reaches more than ₱52M in order for you to profit. Moreover, if a card can play 6 combinations, you need 874,297 cards in order to play all the combinations. To play using the System 12, you need 5,677 System 12s.
Is there a way to increase the probability of winning lotto 6/42?

To increase your chances of winning,
  • Play more combinations, and;
  • Eliminate the unlikely combinations.

In a nutshell

  • The probability or the odds of winning lotto 6/42 is 1 : 5,245,786.
  • To play all combinations, it needs 5,677 System 12s.
  • To increase your chance of winning lotto, play more combinations. Depending on your extra budget, instead of playing one combination every draw, play 12 combinations every 12 draws or something to that effect.
  • Eliminate unlikely combinations. There are posts here that can give you an idea of what combination is unlikely.


Lotto 6/42 Frequently Drawn Numbers According to Ordered Position

It's true that there are lotto numbers that are frequently drawn more often than other numbers. Some numbers become hot at certain periods, then turn cold at other periods. Lottery results do not always consist of all hot numbers. A result is usually a mix of hot and warm numbers; at certain intervals, it will include one cold number. If that is the case, you can play multiple combinations that consist of hot and warm numbers, and, hot, warm, and cold numbers. The ratio of hot numbers to warm numbers may be 2:4, 3:3, 4;2. If you include one cold number, make it 2:3:1 or 3:2:1. You can do this by studying the last 12 results. Color-code the hot, warm, and cold numbers. Then select a group that contains all the lotto numbers. Then divide the group into two: the upper and the lower numbers. Pick numbers based on these upper to lower ratio: 3:3, 2:4, 4:2.

Here's another tip. It's a trick - luck's trick. Let's suppose what you just read is a secret. You're so excited about it that you played your combinations only to find out that the result of the drawing that day was exactly the opposite of what you did. It happens. In fact it happens most of the time. Then when you stopped playing the numbers, that's the time your numbers win. Luck has played a trick.

If we could only know the right time to play!

There is an organization in New Zealand that published their works regarding luck. The study said that you can train luck to work to your advantage. If you're interested, here's the link.


Lotto 6/42 Odd:Even Ratio

Perhaps you're wondering if lotto jackpot numbers are composed of all odd, all even, or a mix of odd and even numbers. If it is a mix, how many numbers are odd or even? Based on sampled 1,889 lotto 6/42 results, 34% of the jackpot numbers had a mix of three odd and three even numbers. Below are the complete data.

Odd:EvenCountPercentageTo Play
3:363734%3 lines
2:446124%2 lines
4:244223%2 lines
1:51619%1 line
5:11608%1 line

Based on the above data, a mix of 3 odds and 3 evens are okay, as well as the ratio of 2 odds and 4 evens, or 4 odds and 2 evens. However, you cannot put aside that from time to time, a ratio of 1:5 or 5:1, though rarely, can also become true.

If you want to cover all probable ratios except the 0:6 and 6:0 ratios, you can play 9 lines (9 combinations) where 3 of them have the 3:3 odd-even ratio (see the column To Play). Depending on your budget, you may play fewer lines.

Where do you position the odd and even numbers? Based on probability data, the position of the odd and even numbers are not that significant. The variance between one odd-even pattern to another is very low. If you want specific odd-even patterns to combine numbers, you may download my LG+ from this page

Here's another way to play lotto!


Population, Sample Size, and Margin of Error

Statistics is about precision, not accuracy. That's what I learned from the books. I'm not a statistician nor a mathematician. The methods I use are simple and elementary. The best I could, I try to understand what I'm doing.:) If you're a mathematician or a statistician, by all means, please share your thoughts if there's something I'm doing statistically wrong.

If statistics is about precision, I think that's the reason why statistics use margin of error. (I recently learned that "margin of error" is not the same thing as "margin for error". The latter is a play, and later a film.) I wondered how precise my probability data here; thus, I needed to know the margin of error.

Population and precision

If I could gather all the lottery results in the world, I would be able to present a more interesting information, and perhaps, a close to accuracy data. But I could not. Therefore, are my sample data of 2000 records good enough to produce reliable data? Will they also be useful to other lotto players in other countries?

In lotto 6/42, the possible combinations are more than 5 million. If 5 million is what we call population in Statistics, how good is 2000 as its sample size? The table below shows the population (N), sample size (n), and margin of error (e) of each game's probability data.

Lotto GamePopulationSample SizeMargin of Error

I presumed the total number of possible combinations as the population; the actual lottery results as its sample size. In another point of view, the actual lottery results can be treated as the population, and a smaller fraction of it as its sample size. In the latter case, for the reason that I have included all the actual lottery results in my analysis, then my sample size equals the population. Therefore in such case, there is zero margin of error.


In my local area where I gathered the data, my probability findings are more significant to our local players than those outside the Philippines for the reason that my data covered all lottery results specific to our area. On the other hand, statistically, the data here can also be useful to other lotto players in other countries, assuming similar factors apply like the way the balls are drawn. The Philippine lottery system is based on the Canadian lottery system.

If you have downloaded my LGPlus, you can build your own sample size database to fit your local lotto system. To achieve, however, a lower margin of error, you can keep the sample database given there. Once you have reached 2000 records, you may start overwriting the earlier lotto results.

Formula to calculate population

If you want to find out how many possible combinations can be formed in a particular lotto game where repeating numbers are not allowed and the numbers are in no particular order, use this formula:

c = n! ÷ (n-r)! ÷ r!

which is the number of combinations equals the factorial of n divided by the factorial of n-r divided by the factorial of r,


c = the number of combinations;
n = the highest lotto number;
r = the number of objects (how many numbers in a combination)
! = the factorial of a number.

For example, in lotto 6/45, it is calculated as c = 45! ÷ (45-6)! ÷ 6! = 8,145,060. The factorial of a number is arrived at by multiplying a set of consecutive numbers. For example, the factorial of 6 or 6! equals 6 x 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1.

Formula to calculate margin of error

The margin of error should be anything less than or equal to 10%. The lower the margin, the closer the result is to precision. Based on the margin or error calculated above, then my data here is close to precision.

I calculated the margin of error based on this formula on how to arrive at the sample size.

n = N ÷ (1 + Ne2)


N = population
n = sample size
e = margin of error

By transposing the sample size formula, we arrive at the margin of error formula.

e = the square root of [(N ÷ n) - 1] ÷ N
1,000 Weeks of Lotto - What Worked, What Didn't!!


LG+ 6/45 - FREE Lottery Numbers Generator

The LG Plus Tool for Mega Lotto 6/45 is now available FREE at its download site (not available at this moment). If the link didn't work, go to amikvs.org and click the word "Luck" on the navigation menu. LGPlus 6/45 has the same features as LGPlus 6/49 except that it can accommodate up to 2200 records.


LG Plus 6/49 - Lottery Numbers Generator FREE

You can now download LG Plus 6/49 for FREE.

LG+ 649 is a lottery numbers generator and a tool created using a spreadsheet program. It generates 12 combinations at a time to allow you to compare as to which combination produced a higher probability based on actual jackpot numbers from previous drawings. This tool helps you combine your six lotto numbers based on probability factors like

  • frequency or recurrence
  • upper and lower bounds
  • odd to even ratio
  • hot and cold numbers
  • sticky numbers and clusters
  • sum of numbers
  • leaps and repeats
  • distance between two points.

Rich Features and Information

LG+ is very rich in information. You can analyze the data yourself and make your own choice.
You will even realize and be amazed at how randomly lottery numbers are drawn. The features of LG+ 649 follow.
  • Generate numbers based on probability data.
  • You have the option to consider some or all of the probability factors.
  • Pre-set combinations are given based on all the odd-even ratio (LG+ 649 only).
  • Allows you to develop your own style on how to combine numbers.
  • List the numbers you play and quickly check how many numbers you may have won.
  • Test and experiment your numbers before you actually play them.
  • See how much you could have won in case you played all the numbers.
  • View the last 12 results to guide you which numbers are currently cold.
  • Maintain your own database up to 2000 records (unlimited if you're familiar with spreadsheets).
  • All the data are presented for you to analyze and make your own conclusion.
  • You can improve, modify and customize this tool to fit your needs.
  • Use it to any lotto game in your own country or area.
  • For Philippine lotto players, this tool has an archive of all lotto results.
  • Best of all, it's FREE to download it.
Download LG+ 649 at amikvs.org (not available at this moment).


Lotto 6/49 Odd:Even Ratio

Perhaps you're wondering if lotto jackpot numbers are composed of all odd, all even, or a mix of odd and even numbers. If it is a mix, how many numbers are odd or even? Based on sampled 1,143 lotto 6/49 results, 33% of the jackpot numbers had a mix of three odd and three even numbers. Below is the complete data.

Odd:EvenCountPercentageTo Play
3:337633%4 lines
2:428225%3 lines
4:228125%3 lines
1:5928%1 line
5:1888%1 line

Based on the above data, a mix of 3 odds and 3 evens are okay, as well as the ratio 2 odds and 4 evens, or 4 odds and 2 evens. However, you cannot put aside that from time to time, a ratio of 1:5 or 5:1, though rarely, can also become true. 

If you want to cover all probable ratios, you can play 12 lines (12 combinations) where 4 of them have the 3:3 odd-even ratio. See the column To Play. Depending on your budget, you may play fewer lines. If you opt to play 10 lines, play 3 lines of 3:3, and 2 lines each for 2:4 and 4:2. If you opt not to play the 1:5 and 5:1 ratio, you may play 2 lines for 3:3 and one line each for 2:4 and 4:2.

Where do you position the odd and even numbers? Based on probability data, the position of the odd and even numbers are not that significant. The variance between one odd-even pattern to another is very minimal.


Lotto 6/49 High and Low Points

Combining your six lotto numbers is really not difficult. Just pick any six numbers out of 49 and you're done. But sometimes you wonder whether your numbers are the right combination or at least close to a good mix of high and low numbers instead of all-low or all-high numbers.

Based on 1141 lotto 6/49 results, certain numbers appear to have a better probability within certain points or limits. For example, is it okay to pick 32 as your lowest number which means your next 5 numbers are greater than 32? What about 10 as your highest number which means your other 5 numbers are less than 10?

The data below will at least help you decide how low and high should your numbers be.

Lowest value010411192636
Highest value142130384649

In this range of high and low values, it may be good to have any number between 1 and 12 inclusive as your lowest number. Your second number may be between 5 and 19 inclusive. Your third, between 13 and 27, and so forth and so on.

Why is that? Because numbers outside that range were only drawn 40 times or less. So, if you're thinking 19 as your first and lowest number in your combination, consider other numbers from 1 to 12 because the number 19, as the lowest number in a combination of 6, has been drawn only 7 times. But you can pick 19 as your second or third number instead because it has been drawn 108 times.


Lotto 6/55 P356 Million Price Won

The P356 million lotto 6/55 price has been won yesterday, June 1, 2011. Lucky winner on a new moon day!

I hope he (she) shares his (her) generosity wisely. And I hope he keeps his winnings for the Philippines rather than putting it on a Swiss or American bank. By allowing his money to grow in the Philippines, he boosts the Philippine economy to something better. After all, the money he won came from millions of Filipinos, both the rich and the poor, from a single sidewalk vendor who saves his ten pesos a week to a wealthy businessman who plays thousands of pesos a month.

Regardless, his winnings are indeed very Filipino. So, would it be nice to give back his blessings to his fellow Filipinos by investing his money in the Philippines, creating jobs and employing Filipinos for his business? This is essentially the message of the Parable of the Talents in the Holy Bible. Whatever is given to you, be it talents, skills, knowledge, or money, let it grow and share it with others rather than burying it six feet under.

Meanwhile, while we put the lotto 6/55, which has been hot for weeks, to relax, spend time reading this free e-book on how to attract luck.


Lotto 6/55 Number Group Frequency

Which group of numbers mostly make it to the top: the ones, tens, twenties, thirties, forties, or fifties? Look at this tally.



Numbers 1 - 9 are likely good as either your first or second number. Numbers 10-19 are likely your first, second, or third number. Numbers 20-29 are likely your second, third, or fourth numbers. Numbers 30-39 are likely your third, fourth, or fifth number. Numbers 40-49 are likely your fourth, fifth, or sixth number. And 50-55 are likely your sixth number.


Lotto 655 Hot Numbers

At this time so far, 17 out of 55 numbers in the Lotto 6/55 or Grand Lotto in the Philippines, are drawn twice as frequent than the rest of the numbers. Assuming all the numbers are distributed proportionately, these 17 numbers  may be drawn twice within 12 draws; i.e. a ratio of 2:12. The rest of the numbers may be drawn only once for every 12 draws.

These numbers are: 05 - 07 - 09 - 12 - 18 - 24 - 26 - 35 - 38 - 39 - 40 - 42 - 43 - 45 - 48 - 51 - 54.

For a complete report, you can download the Lotto 655 Generator tool at amikvs.org (not available at this moment). Just click the luck when you get there. This tool is free. You can update and customize it.