Lotto 6/49 High and Low Points

Combining your six lotto numbers is really not difficult. Just pick any six numbers out of 49 and you're done. But sometimes you wonder whether your numbers are the right combination or at least close to a good mix of high and low numbers instead of all-low or all-high numbers.

Based on 1141 lotto 6/49 results, certain numbers appear to have a better probability within certain points or limits. For example, is it okay to pick 32 as your lowest number which means your next 5 numbers are greater than 32? What about 10 as your highest number which means your other 5 numbers are less than 10?

The data below will at least help you decide how low and high should your numbers be.

Lowest value010411192636
Highest value142130384649

In this range of high and low values, it may be good to have any number between 1 and 12 inclusive as your lowest number. Your second number may be between 5 and 19 inclusive. Your third, between 13 and 27, and so forth and so on.

Why is that? Because numbers outside that range were only drawn 40 times or less. So, if you're thinking 19 as your first and lowest number in your combination, consider other numbers from 1 to 12 because the number 19, as the lowest number in a combination of 6, has been drawn only 7 times. But you can pick 19 as your second or third number instead because it has been drawn 108 times.