Lotto 6/49 Odd:Even Ratio

Perhaps you're wondering if lotto jackpot numbers are composed of all odd, all even, or a mix of odd and even numbers. If it is a mix, how many numbers are odd or even? Based on sampled 1,143 lotto 6/49 results, 33% of the jackpot numbers had a mix of three odd and three even numbers. Below is the complete data.

Odd:EvenCountPercentageTo Play
3:337633%4 lines
2:428225%3 lines
4:228125%3 lines
1:5928%1 line
5:1888%1 line

Based on the above data, a mix of 3 odds and 3 evens are okay, as well as the ratio 2 odds and 4 evens, or 4 odds and 2 evens. However, you cannot put aside that from time to time, a ratio of 1:5 or 5:1, though rarely, can also become true. 

If you want to cover all probable ratios, you can play 12 lines (12 combinations) where 4 of them have the 3:3 odd-even ratio. See the column To Play. Depending on your budget, you may play fewer lines. If you opt to play 10 lines, play 3 lines of 3:3, and 2 lines each for 2:4 and 4:2. If you opt not to play the 1:5 and 5:1 ratio, you may play 2 lines for 3:3 and one line each for 2:4 and 4:2.

Where do you position the odd and even numbers? Based on probability data, the position of the odd and even numbers are not that significant. The variance between one odd-even pattern to another is very minimal.