Lotto 6/42 Hot Or Sticky Pairs

Lotto jackpot numbers studied based on 1,949 Lotto 6/42 drawings, two numbers may emerge sticky — i.e. lotto numbers that are frequently drawn together. Numbers 1 to 42 produce 861 pairs. Based on actual data, a pair may be frequently drawn 18 to 53 times. These figures increase as the number of draws increases. A sticky pair may recur every 37 draws while a non-sticky pair may recur every 108 draws. These figures, however, are average number of draws. They are not absolute. It means that a pair – sticky or otherwise – may recur immediately after the latest draw; or may recur after 10 draws or even 100 draws. The numbers are variable.

The pair 12–26 is one of the sticky pairs. It has recurred 53 times. But even if it has recurred 53 times, it covers only 2.7% of the total drawings. The pair 23–32 recurred 18 times – the lowest recurrence. That comprises only 0.9% of the total drawings.

Would you stick to one sticky pair?

If a sticky pair can recur 53 times, the probability of that being drawn again is 1 to every 36.77 draws. To ensure, statistically speaking, a 50% chance that 3 of your pairs can make it to the jackpot, you have to play the top 375 sticky pairs. These 375 sticky pairs make 125 six-number lotto combinations.

You can download for free the complete list of Lotto 6/42 sticky pairs here. (not available at this moment).

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