Super Lotto 6/49 Jackpot Numbers Are Unique

Is there a chance about jackpot numbers to win again the second time?

Based on 1,344 actual Super Lotto 6/49 jackpot numbers studied, each result was found unique. Not one combination was repeated.

Therefore, jackpot numbers only win once. Once a combination became a jackpot, most probably, it does not win again.

To benefit from this factor 

Make sure that the numbers you are playing have not won a jackpot before. You need a lotto tool that checks a database of lotto results so that it is easier for you to check your lotto numbers. A simple spreadsheet program can do the trick. You can download a sample tool on this site.

If you have no access to a computer or the Internet, there is a simple trick to do it manually.
  • Maintain a list of all the results written in numerical order from lowest to highest. Likewise, the lotto numbers from each jackpot should also be arranged from lowest to highest. 
  • Pick any two consecutive jackpot numbers. Between these two, compose your lotto combination. Your numbers should be somewhere between these two jackpot numbers. 
  • To illustrate, say the two consecutive jackpot numbers are: 1-7-12-24-35-36 and 3-4-15-26-37-48. A possible combination between the two is 2-8-14-25-36-47, which is greater than the first combination but less than the second. 
Terms & Definitions

Jackpot numbers. These are the 6 lotto numbers which are the result of a lotto draw, aka lotto result, winning numbers.