EZ2 (Pick 2) Lotto All-Time Hot Numbers (Top Numbers)

Hot numbers are lotto numbers that frequently win within a short period like a month or shorter. Top numbers are referred to as all-time hot numbers that cover all the actual results. In some cases, covering all the actual results may not be necessary for the reason that the significance of the data remain the same or just slightly changes. In such case, the all-time hot numbers may cover only a few years.

Hot numbers that cover a longer period like a year or two slightly change from year to year. The ranking of the numbers may go up or down but rarely flank to the bottom or peak straight high. Once a number belonged to the top hottest numbers, it remained on top even if its ranking changes up or down. Likewise, a cold number remains in the bottom 10 from year to year even if its ranking slightly increases or decreases. What is transient are the numbers around the median. These numbers may be in the top 15 in the previous year but may be in the bottom 15 in the next year.

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The following are the hottest EZ2 lotto numbers covering the drawings from 2011 to 2013.

Top Performers
Lotto#RankTimes Drawn

Average Performers
Lotto#RankTimes Drawn

Bottom Performers
Lotto#RankTimes Drawn

How To Use These Data

The next question is: How do you combine the numbers? Must you combine top and top numbers only, or one top number and one bottom number?

Calculating the last 3183 results, the winning combinations are usually top numbers or a combination of 1 bottom number and 1 top number. Below is the summary.

Top & bottom numbers data
Total results3183100%
Both #s are top104532.8%
Both #s are bottom58018.2%
Mix of a top & bottom #s155848.9%

Based on these data, if you're playing 10 combinations, 3 may contain both top numbers, 5 may contain a mix of top and bottom numbers, and only 2 may contain both bottom numbers.

Trending Today

Calculating the last 81 results, 34 combinations contain both top numbers; 39 combinations contain a mix of top and bottom numbers; and only 6 combinations contain both bottom numbers. To find out which numbers are top or bottom, refer to the tables above. Numbers that rank 1 to 15 are top numbers while numbers that rank 16 to 31 or bottom numbers.

For a larger scope of data, you can view the all-time hot numbers in this complete statistical report about the EZ2 lotto. It covers 6248 drawings dating back from 2004.


The Coldest EZ2 Lotto Number Combinations In The Longest Hibernation Period

The EZ2 Lotto started in 5 July 2004 with the combination 17-06 winning the first draw. Since then, 17-06 has won 7 times, the last of which was on 10 Oct 2012.

There are, however, combinations that have won only once or twice since 2004. In particular, the combination 08 -29 (coldest and laziest combination) has won only once since the EZ2 lotto started. While other combinations have been frequently winning or currently active, some combinations have not been winning since 2009 or 2010.   These are combinations that have been hibernating for a very long period; or cold numbers that have become like frozen with time.

Cold Combinations In Either Order

These combinations in either order have remained cold since 2009 and 2010. The number of times these numbers have won were counted since the very first draw date. Are your favorite numbers listed here?

CombinationLast DrawnTimes WonWon AgainDays After
01 - 2410/01/09306/28/141731
24 - 0102/20/10607/02/141593
17 - 2704/12/102
27 - 1707/23/106
20 - 2010/08/10507/06/141367

Cold Combinations In Their Exact Order (Since 2009)

These combinations in their exact order have not won since 2009. Since 2004, they have won only once to 4 times. Their reverse combinations, however, have been frequently winning; if not, have become active or currently hot today. If these are your numbers, it means you have not been winning.

CombinationLast DrawnTimes WonWon AgainDays After
08 - 2904/13/09 206/05/141879
09 - 0105/05/09 407/17/141899
27 - 1305/09/09 404/09/141796
14 - 2011/29/093
24 - 1903/25/09 506/29/141922
18 - 1109/25/094
16 - 0911/05/094

Cold Combinations In Their Exact Order (Since 2010)

The following EZ2 combinations in their exact order have not won since 2010. One combination has won only twice since 2004 which makes it not only cold but also lazy. On the contrary, one combination has won 11 times since 2010 but has turned cold after 2010. If these are your favorite numbers, try their reverse combinations. The two dates, Last Drawn and Drawn Again refer to the last 2 draws when the combination won. If it is empty, it means that the numbers have not won since. The last column After counts the number of days it took the numbers to win again. Take for example, 24 - 05. The last time it won was on 11/18/2010. Then it won again on 11/29/2013. The combination has been cold for 3 years and 11 days.

CombinationLast DrawnTimes WonDrawn AgainDays After
17 - 2902/24/102
08 - 0505/04/10407/11/141529
24 - 0708/20/10312/09/131207
28 - 0608/24/103
07 - 1611/16/10405/11/141272
06 - 1811/22/103
03 - 2704/18/104
19 - 2105/02/10506/23/141513
20 - 2605/13/10506/16/141495
15 - 1706/17/104
12 - 2609/02/10503/16/141291
09 - 0803/02/10605/19/141529
25 - 1108/22/10605/13/141350
16 - 1211/09/10512/07/131124
07 - 2811/04/10701/12/141165
22 - 0111/06/106
24 - 0511/18/10611/29/133 yrs 11 days
30 - 1411/27/106
09 - 1009/21/108
18 - 0112/30/108
14 - 1912/15/1011

Just a November 30 observation (Bonifacio Day). When I posted this on Nov 28, the numbers 11-30 won twice – on Nov 28 and Nov 29. The numbers 24 - 05 won again after 3 years and 11 days calculated as follows: 2013 - 2010 = 3; 11 - 11 = 0; 29 - 18 = 11. That's 3-0-11. Coincidence?


Grand Lotto 6/55 All-Time Hot and Cold Numbers (as of Oct 2013)

The following are the all-time Grand Lotto 6/55 hot numbers as of the last draw (28 Oct 2013). This means that these are the most frequently winning numbers of all time, comprising draw results from 19 April 2010 (the very first draw) up to the latest draw.

Ranked according to each number's winning frequency, the top 28 hot numbers are shown in the left of the table that follows; while the bottom 27 are listed in the right. The top 28 numbers have won 60 to 83 times; while the bottom 27 numbers have won 46 to 59 times.

Top 28 (Hot)Bottom 27 (Cold)
1 261437, 47
2 29158, 20
3 18, 55164, 5, 10, 41
4 7, 25, 401719, 50
5 24, 52182, 43
6 22, 28191, 33, 38
7 45, 542023, 27
8 6, 12, 31, 392149
9 9, 302211, 32, 46
10 362314, 15, 16, 44
11 17, 21243, 53
12 13, 34, 35
13 42, 48, 51

Top 28 Numbers Making It To The Jackpot

On the 21 Sep 2013 draw, the winning numbers 48-52-35-34-29-55 all belonged to the top 28 hot numbers. On 25 Sep 2013, five of the winning numbers 28-18-29-39-45-15 belonged to the top 28 hot numbers. On 2 Oct 2013, the winning numbers 22-7-9-13-18-21 all belonged to the top 28. On 23 Oct 2013, five of the winning numbers 26-6-37-34-28-40 belonged to the top 28.

In other draws from September to October 2013, six draws resulted to four top 28 numbers making it to the jackpot; while 8 draws resulted to three top 28 numbers winning. There were only 7 draws wherein 1 or 2 top 28 numbers made it to the jackpot.


EZ2 Lotto Combinations In Hibernation (as of 10-28-13)

The following EZ2 lotto combinations are considered in hibernation. These combinations were last drawn some time between January 4, 2011 and December 17, 2011. So far, they have not won again as of this writing.

02 - 04  02 - 09 
03 - 14  03 - 31 
10 - 16  11 - 31 
12 - 23  13 - 14 
14 - 15  14 - 24 
18 - 19  20 - 21 
24 - 28  25 - 31

The following combinations have last won some time between June 29, 2012 and December 18, 2012. As of this writing, they have not won again.

02 - 03 09 - 26
13 - 31 14 - 29
18 - 23 21 - 24
24 - 27


The Odds Of Winning From EZ2 Lotto

EZ2 lotto is a system 2/31 which means 2 balls are drawn from numbers 1 to 31. To play the game, a player picks 2 numbers from 1 to 31. To win the game, the 2 numbers a player picked must correspond to the numbers drawn either in any order or exact order. A player must indicate in the bet card if he is playing in any order or exact order. Playing in any order is like playing 2 sets of combinations.

The Odds Of Winning EZ2 Lotto

If you play your numbers in any order, your chance of winning is 1:496 or 0.202% probability (calculated as 1 ÷ 496 = 0.202%). If you play your numbers in exact order, your chance of winning is 1:961, or 0.104% probability. Playing your numbers in any order gives you better chances of winning. If you increase the numbers that you play, you also increase your chance of winning by the probability rate just mentioned. For example, if you have 10 tickets equivalent to 10 combinations, you increase your chance 10 times, i.e. 10:496 or 1:50.

Let's Do The Math

For the sake of credibility, I will talk a bit about how to arrive at the number of possible combinations. You can skip this section if you are not interested in the formula.

First, let's differentiate two things. In Statistics, there is a term called combination, and another is called permutation. The difference between the two is that, in combination formula, the order of the numbers does not matter. In permutation, the order of the numbers is significant. In the case of EZ2, however, we are going to use only the combination formula and a simple multiplication method, instead of the permutation formula.

Combinations (C)

Combinations refer to all possible combinations of numbers regardless of their order. Therefore, the combination AB is the same as BA. For example, 12-21 and 21-12 is just but one possible combination.

All in all, in a system 2/31, there are 465 possible combinations. For the reason that 2 tumblers are used to draw the winning numbers, it is possible to form double numbers, e.g. 22-22. There are 31 possible double-number combinations – 1,1 up to 31,31. Thus, 465 + 31 = 496 possible combinations.

The formula to arrive at the number of combinations is a bit complicated. (See the figure on the right).

To read the formula is something like this: n choose k equals the n factorial all over k factorial times n-k factorial where:

n is the maximum count of balls, 31 in the case of EZ2
k is the number of balls in a combination, 2 balls in the case of EZ2
! means factorial, e.g. 5! is equivalent to 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1.

Let's substitute.

31C2 = 31! ÷ ( 2! (31-2)! ) = 31! ÷ ( 2! x 29! ) = 465

This is the same as 31C2 = 31! ÷ 29! ÷ 2! = 465

A shortcut is 31C2 = (31 ÷ 2) x (30 ÷ 1) = 465

In Excel, the formula is COMBIN(31,2). In OpenOfficeCalc, the formula is COMBIN(31;2). The only difference is the use of comma and semi-colon. The factorial formula in both Excel and OpenOfficeCalc is FACT(number).

You may be wondering how the complicated formula can be simplified as in the shortcut above. Well, it has something to do with cancelling what's common in the nominator and the denominator.

Ordered Combinations (OC)

Permutations refer to all possible combination of numbers in every possible order. In this sense, the combination AB is not the same as BA. Therefore, 12-21 and 21-12 are two separate permutations. A permutation can either allow or not repetition of numbers. If repetition is allowed, it means that a number can be combined to all of the other numbers including itself.

For EZ2 lotto, the order of numbers is significant. The repetition of numbers is allowed. To calculate how many permutations (i.e ordered combinations) can be formed from 1 to 31, the answer is 961. The formula is easier than the combination and permutation formulas as far as precalculus is concerned.

OC = nr

where OC is the number of all possible permutations; n is the maximum number of balls in a tumbler, in this case is 31; and r is the count of numbers a combination has, which in this case, 2.

To substitute the formula with values,

OC = 312
OC = 31 x 31
OC = 961

To learn more about combinations and permutations, this online tutorial site explains the formulas quite easily.
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Increasing The Odds

With the aid of probability data, some combinations can be eliminated to increase the odds. What if you want to find out which number – 1 to 31 – wins frequently.

Below is the data collected from EZ2 Lotto results drawn from January 2011 to September 2013. The lotto numbers are ranked according to the number of times the number won (frequency of winning). If you are going to look at the rate of probability, it looks there's not much difference. You can interpret this as all numbers having equal or fair share of winning. On the other hand, between 224 and 167, the frequency of winning of the numbers 10 and 18 respectively, the difference of 57 recurrences can look significant. The recurrence is another way to look at the probability data. The figures refer to the number of draws. For example, number 10 recurs (likely wins on an average) every 13 draws.


Rank Lotto# Freq % Recur
1 10 224 3.8% 13
2 04 212 3.6% 14
3 16 205 3.5% 14
4 30 201 3.4% 15
5 01 200 3.4% 15
5 25 200 3.4% 15
7 15 199 3.4% 15
8 08 198 3.4% 15
8 14 198 3.4% 15
10 06 194 3.3% 15
10 31 194 3.3% 15
12 23 193 3.3% 15
13 03 192 3.3% 15
13 22 192 3.3% 15
15 13 191 3.2% 15
16 26 190 3.2% 15
17 05 189 3.2% 16
18 02 188 3.2% 16
18 21 188 3.2% 16
20 29 187 3.2% 16
21 28 186 3.2% 16
22 27 183 3.1% 16
23 17 180 3.1% 16
24 12 179 3.0% 16
25 11 178 3.0% 17
26 24 177 3.0% 17
27 20 175 3.0% 17
28 19 174 3.0% 17
29 07 173 2.9% 17
29 09 173 2.9% 17
31 18 167 2.8% 18


EZ2 (Pick 2) Lotto: Co-Relation Between Odd-Even And Low-High Numbers?

Based on statistical data in this report, around 50% of the winning combinations are a mix of odd and even numbers. Around 25% are either both odd numbers or both even numbers. This means that an odd number has a 50% chance of being drawn. The same is true with an even number. So, if the combination is either both odd numbers or both even numbers, the probability is split into two — 25% for the odd number and 25% for the even number.

Unexpectedly, based on data from 2011 to 2013, 50% of the winning combinations comprised numbers that were both even.

The change prompted me to study further the results. I wondered if a number being odd or even has something to do with the other attributes of a number like low or high, hot or cold, top-ranking or otherwise.

In my analysis, statistics reveal that even numbers have nothing to do with low or high numbers. However, if the combination consists of both odd numbers or an odd-even mix, the probability is about half-higher if the the numbers are a mix of low and high numbers rather than if the numbers are both low (1 to 15) or both high (16 to 31) numbers.

You can view the complete data here.


EZ2 (Pick 2) Lotto: Some Interesting Facts About Double-Number Combinations

Statistically, double-number combinations appear to win less frequently than non-double combinations. But not all. Some double-number combinations tend to win as frequent as non-double combinations. For example, (7 - 7) and (16-16) have each won 7 and 8 times respectively during the last 3 years (2011 - 2013). In contrast, (1 - 1) and (6 - 6), (8 - 8), (11-11), (18-18), and (30-30) have each won only once during the same period.

In the Philippines, a double-number combination is termed "pompyang", which means "cymbals", a percussion instrument played by a member of a marching band.

Double Combinations Versus Non-Double Combinations

There are only 31 double-number combinations versus 930 non-double (ordered) combinations. For that reason, non-double combinations appear to win more frequently than double-number combinations. As to non-ordered combinations, there are 465 non-double combinations vs 31 double-number combinations. Taken individually, there are double-number combinations which are at par with non-double combinations as far as winning frequency is concerned.

Some Interesting Facts About Some Double-Number Combinations

(7 - 7) had won on 1/26/11, 2/27/12, 3/1/12, 3/2/12, 3/4/12, 1/24/13, and 7/25/13. If you're fond of number series exams in IQ tests, you will find the dates interesting. Take a look at the first two dates. The combination won again after 1 year, 1 month, and 1 day.

(16-16) had won on 5/25/11, 12/1/11, 3/31/12, 8/10/12, 8/31/12, 9/21/12, 10/1/12, and 2/2/13.

(17-17) had won on 1/18/11, 8/11/11, 9/20/12, 12/30/12 and 5/5/13.

(25-25) had won on 4/7/11, 12/30/11, 3/20/12, 11/4/12, and 3/5/13. Note how the dates interestingly relate with those of (17-17).

The combinations above are 4 of the 7 double-number combinations that had won 5 to 8 times during the last 3 years. The other three are (3-3), (4-4) and (19-19). Did you also notice how the number 7 exists in these interesting facts?


How Are Numbers Randomly Selected

Though some mathematical formulas can generate numbers randomly using a software program, this is not close on how numbers are truly randomly selected from lotto tumblers. Pseudo-randomness used by computer programs are actually predictable because they are based on logical instructions. In contrast, randomness of lotto numbers drawn from tumblers are not. So, how can this randomness be simulated?

Random.org found a way on how to generate randomness of numbers by using atmospheric noise, which according to the site, delivers truer randomness for the reason that randomness should be statistically independent and non-predictable.

You can try on this site (lottotips.amikvs.com) how numbers are generated based on atmospheric noise. You can use this for any lotto system.


EZ2 (Pick 2) Lotto Tool - Available Download Free

Recently, I uploaded for a free download of EZ2 Lotto - A Statistical Analysis. This file contains the complete probability data for the EZ2 (Pick 2) Lotto. The file contains more than 6000 records. As a result, the worksheet takes time to recalculate the data.

I made a lighter version. This one is just 4.8 MB. It contains less than 3000 records. I made a test that even if the statistical analyses cover only less than 3000 lotto results, there was not much significant change in the probability data. In this version, I included a tool that gives a profile for each lotto combination. It shows the winning frequency of the combination, both in exact order and reverse order. It also shows the data the last time the combination had won. This way, it gives you an idea how "cold" the combination is. It also shows the date the last time the individual number had won, giving you an idea how hot the number is.

You can view and download a free copy of the tool on Google Drive. The name of the file is EZ2Win Lotto Tool Light. It's in Microsoft Excel format. For OpenOffice users, I'd inform you when an OpenOffice Calc version becomes available.

Author's note. The tool is for informational purposes only. It does not predict winning numbers. It does not guarantee anything that by using the tool, you are precisely going to win upon playing the lotto. You are free, though, to share this tool to anyone.

Good luck and blessings!


EZ2 Lotto: How Much Data Are Needed To Establish Probability Data

To find out how much sample data (number of lotto results) is needed in order to establish consistent probability data, four sets of data were analyzed.
  • 2004 - 2008 lotto results (1495 results)
  • 2008 - 2013 lotto results (4798 results)
  • 2011 - 2013 lotto results (2664 results, new data) 
  • 2004 - 2013 lotto results (6266 results)
Ranking the lotto numbers from each group based on their frequency of winning, it showed that the top 11 most frequently winning numbers in the 2004-2008 group remained in the top 15 in the 2004-2013 ranking. Likewise, 11 of the top ranking numbers in the group 2008-2013 also remained in the top 15 in the 2004-2013 ranking.

Therefore, if sample data contains only 5000 results or less, statistics can fairly come up with significant probability data. 

My next objective is to test less than 4000 results and find out if the probability data remain significant. I'll update this post once I have done that. So, be back again.

Update. I tested 2664 lotto results that cover the 2011 to 2013 EZ2 draws. In the same report here, there were not much significant change in the probability data. Therefore, you can depend on the probability data even if they cover only the last 2600+ lotto results.

My purpose on testing fewer data was to make the EZ2 lotto tool that I was preparing lighter. If the tool covers more than 4000 results, the worksheet takes time to recalculate. I'd be making this tool, which you can download for free, available soon.

You can view how the numbers ranked comparatively on this site. The article has been updated to show the comparative data.


EZ2 Lotto (System 2/31) - A Statistical Analysis

Update: 05-07-2015. I have moved the download site to another web host in US. The download site is now amikvs.org/lottotips/download/. Check that location from time to time as I continue to update  the files.

The download site has been down for unknown reasons since June 19, 2014. I was trying to get in touch with philhosting.net (I discontinued my subscription on this web host provider) but this host provider has terrible customer support. I won't recommend that you host your sites there. Their servers are often down. So, my apologies if you can't download the tools at this time. In case it is still down, you can download the data on my Google drive. Click Google Sheets to view the file.

One reader of this blog requested if I could make a tool for EZ2 (Pick 2) Lotto that is similar to that I made for Lotto 6/55, 6/49, 6/45, and 6/42. Though the LG+ can be used for any lotto game (you just have to enter the results in the database), I decided to make a further analysis.

In my previous post, I mentioned that every number for EZ2, or Pick 2 Lotto in other countries, had a fair share of winning. But after studying further, I saw some trends which may be worth sharing to you all. I did a full report on this site. The report comes with the complete probability data that you can view in my Google drive. You can download the file or just view it online via Google Sheets. Let me know if it can't be done so I can do something about it. The title of the report is  EZ2 (Pick 2) Lotto Tips - A Statistical Analysis. The link leads you to another site — amikvs.com.

The report also shows comparative results, comparing the probability data of 2008 with those of 2013. This is to show if probability trends change after a certain period.

EZ2 lotto is a 2/31 lottery system, which means you pick 2 numbers from 1 to 31 in order to play. Pick 2 is a 2-digit number lottery system wherein you pick 2 numbers from 0 - 9.