EZ2 Lotto (System 2/31) - A Statistical Analysis

Update: 05-07-2015. I have moved the download site to another web host in US. The download site is now amikvs.org/lottotips/download/. Check that location from time to time as I continue to update  the files.

The download site has been down for unknown reasons since June 19, 2014. I was trying to get in touch with philhosting.net (I discontinued my subscription on this web host provider) but this host provider has terrible customer support. I won't recommend that you host your sites there. Their servers are often down. So, my apologies if you can't download the tools at this time. In case it is still down, you can download the data on my Google drive. Click Google Sheets to view the file.

One reader of this blog requested if I could make a tool for EZ2 (Pick 2) Lotto that is similar to that I made for Lotto 6/55, 6/49, 6/45, and 6/42. Though the LG+ can be used for any lotto game (you just have to enter the results in the database), I decided to make a further analysis.

In my previous post, I mentioned that every number for EZ2, or Pick 2 Lotto in other countries, had a fair share of winning. But after studying further, I saw some trends which may be worth sharing to you all. I did a full report on this site. The report comes with the complete probability data that you can view in my Google drive. You can download the file or just view it online via Google Sheets. Let me know if it can't be done so I can do something about it. The title of the report is  EZ2 (Pick 2) Lotto Tips - A Statistical Analysis. The link leads you to another site — amikvs.com.

The report also shows comparative results, comparing the probability data of 2008 with those of 2013. This is to show if probability trends change after a certain period.

EZ2 lotto is a 2/31 lottery system, which means you pick 2 numbers from 1 to 31 in order to play. Pick 2 is a 2-digit number lottery system wherein you pick 2 numbers from 0 - 9.