EZ2 (Pick 2) Lotto: Co-Relation Between Odd-Even And Low-High Numbers?

Based on statistical data in this report, around 50% of the winning combinations are a mix of odd and even numbers. Around 25% are either both odd numbers or both even numbers. This means that an odd number has a 50% chance of being drawn. The same is true with an even number. So, if the combination is either both odd numbers or both even numbers, the probability is split into two — 25% for the odd number and 25% for the even number.

Unexpectedly, based on data from 2011 to 2013, 50% of the winning combinations comprised numbers that were both even.

The change prompted me to study further the results. I wondered if a number being odd or even has something to do with the other attributes of a number like low or high, hot or cold, top-ranking or otherwise.

In my analysis, statistics reveal that even numbers have nothing to do with low or high numbers. However, if the combination consists of both odd numbers or an odd-even mix, the probability is about half-higher if the the numbers are a mix of low and high numbers rather than if the numbers are both low (1 to 15) or both high (16 to 31) numbers.

You can view the complete data here.