Lotto Checker - A Helpful Lotto Tool

What is Lotto Checker?

It is a lotto tool that checks a database of lotto results to find out if your lotto numbers had won in the previous drawing. What's the use of this?

Based on probability data, jackpot numbers are unique. That means, jackpot numbers are not repeated even if you combine all the lotto results from all 6-ball lotto games.


The fact was true until October 11, 2006 when the jackpot numbers drawn on September 22, 1999 were drawn again on October 11. Nevertheless, it happened only once so far - a probability of 1 out of 5,782 draws.

Considering that, it is still safe to play unique numbers. To help you ensure that you're not playing jackpot numbers again, this Lotto Checker comes handy. This Lotto Checker is linked to a database of Lotto Results, which you can also download at this blog's (not available at this moment).

The 6-ball lotto games cover only lotto 6/42, 6/45, 6/49, and 6/55.

Where To Download

You can download the Lotto Checker at (not available at this moment). You should also download the 4 databases of Lotto results in order for Lotto Checker to work. When you use Lotto Checker, all files, which are spreadsheets, must be open to see the result.

Winning 5 Numbers Are Rarely Drawn Twice

There's also a low probability that 5 of the jackpot numbers be drawn more than once. Lotto Checker also checks that information.

With Lotto Checker, your wide choices of lotto combinations are narrowed down which is helpful.