Super Lotto 649 Hot Numbers 2000 Onwards

A lotto number is hot if it is frequently drawn. The spreadsheet above shows how many times each lotto number has been drawn in a given period. The data above is based on actual super lotto 649 results drawn from 2000 up to present.

The first column contains the lotto numbers. The numbers are sorted according to their frequency of recurrence. The second column "Frequency" contains the number of times the lotto number was drawn. The third column "Recurrence" refers to the average number of (Super Lotto) draws when the lotto number was not drawn. So, if the recurrence is 8, it means that every 8 super lotto draws, the corresponding lotto number may probably be drawn again. For example, the number 25 recurs every 6.84 lotto draws. Note, however, that the data are average figures only.

Based on the recurrence data, we can estimate when a number may probably hit again, i.e. be drawn again. From the date the number was last drawn, add the average number of draws under "recurrence". That will estimate the probable next hit. The date under "Prob Next Hit" is not absolute nor is definite or exact. It simply, based on the data, shows that the lotto number may recur around the date indicated. It may be before or after that date. However, due to the wide range of variance between a hit and the next hit of each number, the date of probable next hit cannot be consistently applied.

You can view here the above spreadsheet courtesy of Google Docs.