Grand Lotto 6/55 Reaches 251 Million Pesos

Wondering what's hot in Grand Lotto numbers? As of today, there has been 79 draws since PCSO launched the Grand Lotto 6/55. In probability, 79 items in a sample population is not that significant. Nevertheless, if you're interested what's trending the Grand Lotto, here are some info.

Possibilities based on low and high limits

Possible Range
Low 010509243438
High 162438455355
The table on the left is a range of numbers where your numbers should come from. The numbers of your combination should be within the range. These numbers are possibilities. It means that each number has occured at least twice in 79 draws. Based on the given range, a sample combination is 10-17-24-29-42-54. Combinations outside the range are not exactly impossible. They may be unlikely but not impossible to make a hit.

Probabilities based on high and low limits

Probability Range
Low 010518263448
High 122338454655
Combining lotto numbers is sometimes frustrating because there are so many possibilities.
So, if we could narrow down the possibilities, there will be a few numbers to choose from.
The second table shows a stricter range based on higher probabilities. (Well, not so high because we have only a small
sample.) Nevertheless, these probabilities are likelier to make hits. The range is based on at least 4 occurences of each number.

Hot and cold numbers

Hot numbers
The hot numbers on the left have occured at least 11 times in 79 draws. The cold numbers occured 4 times only.