LG Plus 6/49 - Lottery Numbers Generator FREE

Apologies: Apparently, this tool is no longer available and can't be found for a reason beyond my knowledge.
You can now download LG Plus 6/49 for FREE.

LG+ 649 is a lottery numbers generator and a tool created using a spreadsheet program. It generates 12 combinations at a time to allow you to compare as to which combination produced a higher probability based on actual jackpot numbers from previous drawings. This tool helps you combine your six lotto numbers based on probability factors like

  • frequency or recurrence
  • upper and lower bounds
  • odd to even ratio
  • hot and cold numbers
  • sticky numbers and clusters
  • sum of numbers
  • leaps and repeats
  • distance between two points.

Rich Features and Information

LG+ is very rich in information. You can analyze the data yourself and make your own choice.
You will even realize and be amazed at how randomly lottery numbers are drawn. The features of LG+ 649 follow.
  • Generate numbers based on probability data.
  • You have the option to consider some or all of the probability factors.
  • Pre-set combinations are given based on all the odd-even ratio (LG+ 649 only).
  • Allows you to develop your own style on how to combine numbers.
  • List the numbers you play and quickly check how many numbers you may have won.
  • Test and experiment your numbers before you actually play them.
  • See how much you could have won in case you played all the numbers.
  • View the last 12 results to guide you which numbers are currently cold.
  • Maintain your own database up to 2000 records (unlimited if you're familiar with spreadsheets).
  • All the data are presented for you to analyze and make your own conclusion.
  • You can improve, modify and customize this tool to fit your needs.
  • Use it to any lotto game in your own country or area.
  • For Philippine lotto players, this tool has an archive of all lotto results.
  • Best of all, it's FREE to download it.
Download LG+ 649 at amikvs.org (not available at this moment).


  1. You can simulate thousands of years of lotto 6/49 draws in seconds here


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