Lotto 6/55 P356 Million Price Won

The P356 million lotto 6/55 price has been won yesterday, June 1, 2011. Lucky winner on a new moon day!

I hope he (she) shares his (her) generosity wisely. And I hope he keeps his winnings for the Philippines rather than putting it on a Swiss or American bank. By allowing his money to grow in the Philippines, he boosts the Philippine economy to something better. After all, the money he won came from millions of Filipinos, both the rich and the poor, from a single sidewalk vendor who saves his ten pesos a week to a wealthy businessman who plays thousands of pesos a month.

Regardless, his winnings are indeed very Filipino. So, would it be nice to give back his blessings to his fellow Filipinos by investing his money in the Philippines, creating jobs and employing Filipinos for his business? This is essentially the message of the Parable of the Talents in the Holy Bible. Whatever is given to you, be it talents, skills, knowledge, or money, let it grow and share it with others rather than burying it six feet under.

Meanwhile, while we put the lotto 6/55, which has been hot for weeks, to relax, spend time reading this free e-book on how to attract luck.