Lotto 6/42: Probability of Jackpot Numbers Being Drawn Again

Should you play again any jackpot results from the previous drawings?

Based on 1,927 Lotto 6/42 drawings, none of the jackpot results had been drawn more than once. That means that each of the jackpot results is unique. Therefore, the probability of a previously drawn jackpot numbers being drawn the second time is zero. So, you need not play those numbers again. If you have a habit of playing previous jackpot numbers, there is no chance that they will be drawn again.

What if you do not know whether your numbers have been jackpot numbers before? If you have a list of history drawings, you can check your numbers manually. Checking more than a thousand numbers manually however is not just practical. You need a tool, like a program, that can automatically check your numbers against the previous drawings.

Lotto Checker 6/42

You can download Lotto Checker for FREE at (not available at this moment). Lotto Checker is a simple spreadsheet program that automatically checks your lotto numbers against the previous drawings. To use it, you simply enter your 6-number combination in the boxes provided. It then displays the number of times your numbers have won before. If your numbers are previous jackpot numbers, might as well replace two of your numbers.

You can customize Lotto Checker any way you want it. You can keep it up-to-date anytime you need to. To keep its database current, you need to enter every new Lotto 6/42 drawing result. If you want to use it in any lotto game, simply replace the content of the database. Currently, the database contains results from Philippine Lotto 6/42 drawings. If you want to use it for other country's lotto game, simply replace the content of the database.

Lotto Checker is written in OpenOffice Calc. You can download OpenOffice for free at You can also open Lotto Checker with Microsoft Excel.

In A Nutshell

  • We already know that the odds of winning Lotto 6/42 is 1 to 5,245,786. Therefore, to increase the chances of winning, play more combinations. 
  • At this point, we now know that jackpot numbers are not repeated. Therefore, you don't need to play them again. With that, you eliminate something that is unlikely to win.