Lotto 6/42 - Probability Of A Set of 5 Numbers Being Drawn More Than Once

The probability of a set of 5 numbers being drawn more than once is 0.66%. That's a very, very low percentage -- less than 1%. Therefore, if 5 of your lotto numbers have been drawn before, most likely, they will not be drawn again. What you can do is to replace one of the 5 numbers with another number.

To check, however, if your numbers have won before, you need to go through each of the jackpot numbers of previous drawings and check if 5 of your numbers have been in the jackpot numbers. That won't be easy. You need a program, a spreadsheet program, at least, that can go through all the results automatically.

Lotto Checker 6/42

This Lotto Checker can help you figure out quickly if 5 of your numbers have been drawn previously. Simply enter your 6 numbers in the boxes. In the next column, it will indicate if 5 of your numbers have won previously. You can download this Lotto Checker FREE. It's a simple spreadsheet program made using OpenOffice Calc. If you do not have OpenOffice Calc, you can download it free on the OpenOffice site. You can open, however, this spreadsheet with Microsoft Excel.


The probability of 0.66% was based on 1927 jackpot numbers taken from Lotto 6/42 previous drawings. These jackpot numbers can form 11,562 five-number combinations. (Six 5-number combinations can be formed from 6 numbers: 1927 x 6 = 11,562.)

In A Nutshell

  • Your chance of winning Lotto 6/42 jackpot is 1 to 5 million plus.
  • Jackpot numbers are not repeated. So far, each Lotto 6/42 drawing result is unique. Therefore, no need to play the jackpot numbers twice or more.
  • If 5 of your numbers had been in the jackpot before, most likely, they will not be drawn again.
So far, we have identified two factors that can increase the odds of winning Lotto 6/42.