Lotto 6/42 Sticky Foursomes: Are They Worth Winning?

Based on 1,943 results (jackpot drawings), any set of 4 numbers coming from any jackpot drawings can win more than once. On record, sticky foursomes have been drawn 3 to 5 times. So far, Lotto 6/42 has 250 sticky foursomes - these are 4 numbers that are usually drawn together repeatedly. Based on 1,943 results, there are 29,145 possible sticky foursomes. Only 250 of these are considered sticky, being drawn 3 to 5 times. The rest, being drawn only once, is 28,625 foursomes. That only makes 0.87%, which is the ratio of sticky foursomes versus unique foursomes.

Would you stick to sticky foursomes?

It is possible that any 4 of any jackpot numbers can be drawn again even up to 5 times. The chance however of that going to happen is less than 1%. Ninety-nine percent says that it's unlikely to happen. Would you go for 1% chance or 99% chance of not sticking to sticky foursomes?

How to check for sticky foursomes

Eliminating sticky foursomes can increase your chance of possibly winning the Lotto considering that 99% of foursomes remain unique or being drawn only once. If you want to find out that you are not playing again the sticky foursomes, you need a program, at least, a spreadsheet program, to check your numbers. The Lotto 6/42 Checker is a tool that stores Lotto 6/42 jackpot drawings. It allows you to check your numbers if at least 4 of your numbers have been previously part of any jackpot numbers. You can download the Lotto 6/42 Checker at (not available at this moment)..

In a nutshell

By eliminating those against the odds, you already know that:

  1. No two jackpot numbers are alike. Each drawing gives a unique combination of lotto numbers.
  2. Any combination of 5 numbers from jackpot numbers can be drawn twice but the probability is only 0.66%.

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