Lotto 6/55 Statistics Free Download Lotto Tool

What's New

The latest Lotto 6/55 Statistics Tool now includes the odd-even analysis, distance between two numbers analysis, the sum of lotto numbers analysis, and what's-trending analysis. Make sure that you also download the lotto 6/55 database because the statistics get data from the database. The database contains updated results.

What's Hot And What's Cold

Here's a tool that automatically generates the hot and cold lotto 6/55 numbers. Simply update the accompanying Lotto 6/55 Database, which means that you have to enter the results of the lotto 6/55 draws manually if you want to update it every day; or use copy and paste (from a website like if you're in the Philippines) if you want to update it on a periodic basis.

This Statistical tool calculates how many times each Lotto 6/55 number has won or been drawn previously. With that you can already determine which numbers are hot or cold or just the average. The top 12 and the above average frequencies are automatically highlighted. The bottom 5 are automatically grayed.

The calculated frequencies are also distributed according to ordered position, which means how many times did a number occurred if it was the lowest, highest, second to lowest, etc. among the jackpot numbers. To illustrate, assuming the jackpot numbers 5-17-22-28-35-55 and 8-22-30-33-49-53. The number 22 won twice. First, in the 3rd position or third lowest number; and second, in the second position as the second lower number. This statistical tool calculates the frequency for the number 22 both for the second and third positions.

Lower And Upper Limits

What is more important in this statistical calculator is that you will have an idea about the lower and upper bounds or limits of the numbers in a combination. If you notice in the database, the jackpot numbers are arranged from the lowest to the highest number. The purpose of that is to determine the lower and upper bounds of the numbers per position: first, second, up to sixth.

To illustrate, the numbers 1 to 13 have a higher probability if they were your lowest numbers in a combination. The numbers 5 to 13 can either be your lowest or second lower numbers but not as your third lower numbers. For example, 1-12-17-26-40-50 is an ideal combination; but 1-10-13-26-40-50 is not for the reason that 13 rarely comes out as the 3rd number.

Here's The Download Site

You can download the Lotto 6/55 Probability Calculator on this download site. The same file is available on Google Drive Lotto 6/55 Probability Calculator v1.0.