Grand Lotto 6/55 Establishing The Lower And Upper Limits

There are 28,989,675 possible combinations for Lotto 6/55 ranging from 1-2-3-4-5-6 to 50-51-52-53-54-55 inclusive. Your odds of winning is 1:28 million. Nevertheless, even if each combination has a 1-is-to-28-million chance or odds of winning, not every combination is likely probable. Some lotto combinations are unlikely.

Arranged numerically and ranked according to winning frequency of each number, statistical data will show that not all combinations are probable. Examine the data from the previous post. The winning frequency of each number was broken down to 6 positions depending on its numerical order. Notice that not all numbers frequently win for every position. (Data with zero values means zero winning frequency.)

Establishing the Lower and Upper Limits

By establishing the lower and upper limits, you eliminate the lower probability. You set your own rules in setting the limits. You may opt to include only the favorable 90% or 80% or even 88%. It's all up to you. In the example below, the limits or bounds were established by eliminating the frequency values that are less than 2% of the total drawings.

Lower limits 01 04 12 24 30 39
Upper limits 16 26 38 46 53 55

Based on the limits above, your lotto combinations should be within the limits or set range of lotto numbers. Any combination beyond the limits have lower probability. All lotto combinations lower than 1-4-12-20-30-39 are unlikely – possible but not highly probable at this time based on the data studied. Likewise, all lotto combinations higher or greater than 16-26-38-46-53-55 are also unlikely at this point.

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