Grand Lotto 6/55 When Do Leapers Leap?

A lotto number may take some time to win again. If that is the case, the number leaps at least 2 draws before it wins again. In contrast, a skipper skips only 1 draw whereas a leaper leaps 2 or more draws.

My previous post states that a repeater occurs at 52% probability. At 49%, a skipper occurs. In all other cases, a leaper occurs around 31%. If you notice, adding up the percentages exceeds 100%. The reason for that is that a repeat, a skip, and a leap can occur all at the same time from one lotto drawing.

Frequency of lotto numbers winning again after 2 draws

The table above reveals that a 2-draw leap occurs at 46% or a ratio of once every 2 draws. A 2-draw leap means that a lotto number may win again after 2 draws. Two leapers from one draw is rare (8%); while 3 leapers from one draw is nearly impossible. The chance that a number may not win again after 2 draws is 54%.

The next table reveals the probability of a winning lotto number emerging from the last 4th draw or a number winning again after 3 draws. At 35%, yes, it is possible. However, it is more often that it doesn't emerge from there (65%).

Frequency of lotto numbers winning again after 3 draws

Likewise, the probability a number from the last 5th draw to win again is 38% (a number winning again after 4 draws). However, more often than that, at 62%, it can come from other previous results.

Frequency of lotto numbers winning again after 4 draws

Let's look at another set of data. This time, a 5-draw leap, which occurs at 31%. A number from the last 6th draw can win again after 5 draws.

Frequency of lotto numbers winning again after 5 draws

Based on all the data above, it is more often that only 1 number comes from a previous draw result. Very seldom that the jackpot takes 2 numbers from the same draw. Also notice that the non-occurrence of a leap occurs more than its occurrence. The reason for that is that the jackpot numbers do not come only from the 3rd to 6th previous draw. It can also emerge from the last 1st draw (repeater), last 2nd draw (skipper), and beyond the 6th draw.

In a nutshell

So far, we covered only the possibility of jackpot numbers coming from the last 6 draws – repeats (from the last draw), skips (from the 2nd last draw), and leaps (from the 3rd to 6th last draws). It is also possible that numbers from much earlier draws can win again.

Only one number usually emerges from any previous draw result. The occurrence of a repeat is as often as its non-occurrence. Likewise, the occurrence of a skip is as often as its non-occurrence. In the case of a leap (2 to 5 leaps), its non-occurrence is more often than its occurrence. That means that a leap is not concentrated only from the last 6 draws.