Super Lotto 6/49: Any 5 Of The 6 Jackpot Numbers Rarely Win Again

We already know that jackpot numbers do not win the second time. Once drawn, they are not drawn again. What if you played only 5 out of the 6 jackpot numbers?

Based on 1358 draw results, 13 of them had 5 numbers being drawn twice. That means 13 pairs (26 results) had exact 5 numbers matched. That's a ratio of 1 for every 103.46 results (1:103) or 0.96% probability.

Therefore, with that low probability rate of less than 1%, it appears that it is sound not to play lotto based on the previous jackpot numbers for the reason that the chance that 5 numbers from any jackpot numbers previously drawn to win again is very rare.

Is this valid to every 5-number combination that you can form from a set of jackpot numbers? Let's look at the statistics.

Out of 1358 jackpot numbers, 8148 five-number combinations can be formed. Twenty-six (26) of these 8148 combinations were exact duplicates. Therefore, out of 8135 unique combinations, 13 combinations were repeated (winning twice). That is an occurence ratio of 1 for every 625 combinations (1 : 625) or 0.16% probability.

The very first occurrence of 5 numbers winning twice was on 1 July 2004[ 1 ] wherein 5 of these numbers matched that of 4 July 2002. The latest one occurred last 1 May 2012[ 2 ] matching 5 numbers that of 2 April 2006. The shortest time of its occurrence was 728 days; while the longest one was 3882 days. Eliminating the lowest and highest numbers, it appears that the occurrence of only 5 jackpot numbers to win again range from after 1246 to 3473 days. That means that it may take 1246 to 3473 days before a second-prize win (5 of 6 jackpot numbers) to recur the second time.

Draw Date Jackpot #s Draw Date Jackpot #s Days Lapsed
07/04/02 02-06-08-28-31-45 [ 1 ] 07/01/04 02-04-06-08-28-31 728
04/02/06 04-12-19-20-24-42 [ 2 ] 05/01/12 04-12-19-24-28-42 2221
03/11/01 06-20-24-26-28-46 10/27/11 06-20-26-28-46-49 3882

To benefit from this factor

You need a tool that checks if any 5 of the lotto numbers you are playing have matched any of the previous jackpot numbers. If 5 of your lotto numbers had won before, might as well change your combination. You can download a sample tool on this blog.