EZ2 Lotto (System 2/31) - A Statistical Analysis

The truth about EZ2 lotto - A statistical study

I made a study if one can win big bucks by playing scratch-off card games. From that study, I found out that it is unlikely to win more than what you have spent buying scratch-off cards. You may win a small minor prize but not the big ones. For that reason, it is just wiser to buy only one card just for the sake of having fun, and only if you feel like playing.

Now, I'm going to do a similar study to find out how lucrative is playing the EZ2 lotto. In other words, what your chances are winning big bucks vs the chances of losing more money.

What is EZ2 Lottery System?

EZ2 lotto is a 2/31 lottery system wherein you play two numbers from 1 to 31. In order to win, you must match your two numbers in exact order (order the balls were drawn). You win half the prize if your numbers are in the reverse order. In this system, two tumblers are used. The first number is drawn from the first tumbler, and the second from the second tumbler.

EZ2 lotto is not the same as Pick 2, wherein you choose two numbers from 0 to 9. 

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What I Wish To Find Out

The main objective of the study is —

  • To find out how many combinations should you play in order to win twice as much you spent
The other objectives would be to find out —

  • The odds of winning EZ2
  • If the hot numbers can make you win all the time
  • If there is significance between individual numbers and combinations of two.

View or Download the EZ2 Tool

If you want to skip the lengthy reading, you may go directly to my Google Sheets and view online the EZ2 Tool. You can also download the file if you want to update it with the latest EZ2 lotto results.

In Response to a Reader's Request

One reader of this blog requested if I could make a tool for EZ2 Lotto that is similar to that I made for Lotto 6/55, 6/49, 6/45, and 6/42. Though the LG+ can be used for any lotto game (you just have to enter the results in the database), I decided to make a further analysis.

In my previous post, I mentioned that every number for EZ2, had a fair share of winning. But after studying further, I saw some trends which may be worth sharing to you all. I did a full report on my other site but the site does not exist anymore for the reason that I discontinued my subscription with my previous web host.  The report comes with the complete probability data that you can view in my Google drive. You can download the file or just view it online. Let me know if it can't be done so I can do something about it. The title of the report is  EZ2 Lotto Tips - A Statistical Analysis.

The report also shows comparative results, comparing the probability data of 2008 with those of 2013. This is to show if probability trends change after a certain period.

Note. Update 05-07-2015. I have moved the download site to another web host in US. The download site is now amikvs.org/lottotips/download/. Check that location from time to time as I continue to update the files.

The previous download site had been down for unknown reasons for almost a year since June 19, 2014. I was trying to get in touch with philhosting.net but this host provider has terrible customer support. I won't recommend that you host your sites there. Their servers are often down. For that reason, I discontinued my subscription with this web host provider. So, my apologies if you couldn't download the tools at this time. As alternative, you can download the EZ2 data on my Google drive.