Ultra Lotto 6/58 Trending vs All-Time Hits

All-time hits or top numbers may remain hot or turn cold in some certain periods. One way to find out if a top winning number is consistently winning or remaining hot is to compare it to what's trending versus the all-time data.

Trending Versus All-Time Winning Numbers

The line chart that follows presents the behaviour of each lotto number as to when it is trending or not. The red line indicates trending numbers as of the most current period (last 21 draws). The teal line is statistics based on 81 draws (including the most current ones). The trending bar separates the numbers that frequently wins from the low performing numbers.

The vertical labels (figures on the left of the chart) represent the number of wins. The horizontal labels (bottom of the chart) represent each lotto number 1 to 58. Each dot represents each lotto number at its peak or lowest point.

You may see a similar pattern when the lines are in similar direction either going down or up. If both points are up, it may indicate consistent winning. On the other hand, if both points lead downward, it may indicate that the number is consistently not winning. If the dots of the same number are in opposite direction, it may indicate winning inconsistency.


What's Consistently Hot

Most numbers are consistently low or just a little bit below or above the trending bar. Some of these numbers are 01, 03, 10, 12, 13, 26, 44, 46, 47, 48, 50 & 54.

23 August 2017
Lotto numbers 8, 14, 16 and 38 show consistent going up direction. They are considered hot numbers this time and it looks like they have been consistently winning.

What's Consistently Cold

23 August 2017
Lotto numbers 6, 11, 32, 37 and 55 look like people's favourites but not of the chart.

What's Inconsistently Hot or Cold

23 August 2017
Lotto numbers 23, 52, 53, 57, and 58 are numbers that rise and fall at different periods.

Lucky Days

I can understand how much anyone wants to win the lottery but with no luck. I wish I could help but even I feel that luck is not on my side. Yes, I've won minor prizes from the lottery a few times; the biggest amount would be ₱2000. I only play once in a while but not regularly nor frequently. However, when I test my studies, sometimes it's fun to have actual tickets.

Part of my studies is to research what others say about the topic. YouTube has a number of videos about winning but they all sound ridiculous for me. But anyway, you can judge them on your own.

While Googling the Net, there's something I found interesting and wanted to find out if it really works. Unfortunately, the app runs only on Windows; and I don't have a computer that runs Windows. So, I'm providing the link here. Test it for yourself. You can download it free and use it for a short period. After the trial period, the app locks. So, make sure that you use it before the trial period expires.

What's the app all about? The app calculates your lucky days based on the position of the stars, planets, moon, and constellations. That's astrology for short. It sounds ridiculous, no offence meant to the fans of the stars, nevertheless, let's see and be objective. If the stars make you lucky, that's well and good. I've tested my own stars but they're not just for me. However, I remain open-minded. One way of knowing is by testing the waters.

So, I would appreciate your participation. Whatever you find out, comment it below. Good luck!