EZ2 System 2/31 Lottery

This page is mainly about the EZ2 lottery system, how to play and how to win it, the odds of winning from it, and the methodology used to analyze the results statistically. Click here to see all the EZ2 analyses and tips.

What is Lotto System 2/n?

Lotto system 2/n is a lottery game wherein 2 numbers are drawn from a group of consecutive numbers. In some countries, like in Canada, this game is called Pick 2 wherein 2 numbers from 0 - 9 are drawn. This is called system 2/10. In the Philippines, this type of game is called EZ2 lotto wherein 2 numbers are drawn from numbers 1 - 31. This is called system 2/31.

How To Play and Win Pick 2

To play Pick 2 Lotto, you wage on 2 numbers from 0 - 9 in order to form a 2-digit number. For example, pick 1 and 2 to play the number 12. If your numbers matched the numbers that were drawn, you win a prize. In some games, if you matched either number, you win a minor prize. You can wage on double numbers, e.g. 8-8.

To win Pick 2, like in Ontario, you win $2 if you matched the first digit. You win $99 if you matched both digits. For example, if you played 12, and the result of the draw was 13, you matched the first digit, which is 1; therefore you win $2. If the result of the draw was 12, you matched both digits, therefore, you win $99. If the result of the draw was 21, you don't win any prize because for Ontario's Pick 2 lottery, you always play for the exact order the winning numbers are drawn.

How To Play and Win EZ2

To play EZ2, you wage on 2 numbers from 1 - 31 to form a combination of 2 numbers. For example, pick 12 and 21 to play the combination 12-21. If your numbers matched the numbers that were drawn in exact order, you win the major prize. If your numbers matched the numbers drawn in no particular order, you win the minor prize. However, you have to specify your option in the game card or selection slip whether you are playing for no particular order (called jumbled play) of the winning numbers or for the exact order (called straight play). Jumbled play means you are playing for the two possible combinations. For example, if your numbers are 12 and 21, you are playing for both 12-21 win and 21-12 win. If you opted the straight method and played 12-21, you win the major prize if the results are 12 and 21. You do not win a prize if the results are 21 and 12. By default, you always play for the exact order.

Trivia: In the Philippines, jumbled play is called rambol or rambolito, based on the English word ramble or rumble. Perhaps, the Filipino who invented the word, confused the word jumble with rumble or ramble.

How The Numbers Are Drawn?

There are 2 tumblers. Each tumbler contains balls numbered 1 - 31. One ball is drawn from each tumbler using air pressure or blower. For the Pick 2 system, each tumbler contains 10 balls numbered 0 - 9. The numbers are not digitally drawn for the reason that no automated system can exactly duplicate randomness.

Sampled Data Used For Analyzing The Results

Statistical analyses of the data are based on draw results from the EZ2 lottery system. The data covers results from July 2004 up to a certain date as stated. Some analyses cover a period of one year, while others cover multiple years.

Initially, the sampled data contains 8527 actual results, covering a period of July 2004 - July 2015. This sampled data is enough to give significant results because in Statistics, you only need 1200 sampled population to achieve a (plus-minus) ±3 margin of error.

Methods Used To Analyze The EZ2 Draw Results

The methodology in analyzing the EZ2 draw results is simple arithmetic. Summation is used to calculate the recurrence or frequency of events, e.g. winning frequency of each number. To get the percentage, you simply divide a number from a larger number, e.g. the ratio of odd and even to winning numbers. Perhaps, the most complex formula used are figuring out the ideal sample size and the probability of winning the EZ2 lotto based on all possible combinations. These calculations, however, need not be done repeatedly for the reason that the results will remain unchanged.

In the worksheet or tool that you can download on Google Docs Spreadsheet, the formulas are more complicated. However, you need not worry about these formulas because they were already done for you.

Odds of Winning The EZ2 Lotto

If you play your numbers in any order, your chance of winning is 1:496 or 0.202% probability. If you play your numbers in exact order, your chance of winning is 1:961, or 0.104% probability. Playing your numbers in any order gives you better chances of winning.


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