Grand Lotto 6/55 Second Prize Numbers Barely Win The Second Time

We already know that jackpot numbers are not repeated. Once drawn, they are never drawn again. What about the second prize winning numbers.

Second prize winning numbers are any combination of 5 out of the 6 jackpot numbers. If you match any 5 out of the 6, you win a second prize.

What if you play only five of the 6 jackpot numbers? Is there a chance of winning? Based on 319 draw results, any 5 numbers out of the 6 jackpot numbers are rarely repeated. In fact, it only occurs once for every 319 results.

Based on the 319 jackpot numbers, 1914 five-number combinations can be formed. Two of these 1914 combinations are exact duplicates. Therefore, out of 1913 unique combinations, one combination is repeated; i.e. a ratio of 1 : 1913 or 0.05% probability.

To benefit from this finding, you need a tool that checks if any 5 of your lotto numbers have matched any of the previous jackpot numbers. If 5 of your lotto numbers have won before, might as well change your combination.

You can download Lotto Checker from this blog's download site. This Lotto Checker checks the previous drawings if your lotto combination has won previously. Downloading the Lotto Checker requires that you also download the lotto results database.

An updated Lotto 6/55 database is now available for free download at The database now covers Lotto 6/55 drawings from 19 April 2010 until 18 April 2012, a total of 309 drawings.

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