Your Lotto 649 Tips

I'm going to make this very quick because it's already 4:00 AM here :). I'll write a detailed explanation later. I have embedded here a worksheet which you can use to form your Lotto 6/49 six numbers.

  1. Hot Numbers. These are the current lotto 649 numbers ranked according to frequency (or hits as I simply call it). "Current" means that it covers a two-month period.
  2. Positional. What if we arrange the lotto numbers drawn in ascending order? We will be able to figure out which number has not been drawn for the first position, 2nd, etc. For example, the #17 has zero frequency under the 6th column. That means, if we are going to form a 6-number lotto combination, we would not consider 17 as the highest number among the 6, like this one: 1-2-3-4-5-17. Our highest number should be between 30 and 49 inclusive. This ranking also shows the frequency of each number from July 2000 to present (see 'Sum' column).
  3. What's Hot on a Day. I have compiled all the numbers and grouped them according to calendar days. The top row are the days 1 to 31. The leftmost column are the lotto numbers. You can use this to eliminate cold numbers. For example, the #4 has not been drawn yet on the 27th ever since.
  4. Hot Pairs. This matrix will show you which number goes well frequently with another number. The intersection between any two numbers (top and left) is the number of frequency or hits.
For your convenience, you may want to print the worksheets here.

Note. There are times, though rarely, a cold number becomes an underdog. For example, if #4 has never been drawn on the 27th, today could be the first time. There's always a first. It's just we do not know when. So, you might want to choose underdog from time to time. Just make sure that your 6-number combination does not contain two underdogs.

Good Luck and hit that jackpot!


Is There a Relationship Between a Lotto Number & a Date?

Is there a relationship between a lotto number and days of the month? Let's find out here.

I grouped all the lotto numbers according to the days of the month they were drawn. That is day 1 to 31. For this statistical report, I used the lotto 642 results. (In the future, I will do one for lotto 6/45 and 6/49.) The document shown here tabulates the number of times a particular lotto number was drawn on a day of the month. For example, the lotto number 1 was drawn 7 times on the first day of the month, 6 times on the 2nd, etc. If the value on a particular day for a particular lotto number is 1 or 2, it means that that number was only drawn once or twice. This means further that that number will be unlikely drawn on that particular date.

To explain further the worksheet above, the lotto numbers are shown in the first column. The column headings refer to the days of the month.

The second worksheet (click Findings above to see the second sheet) summarizes the data presented in the matrix. In that summary, you will find which number is rarely drawn on a particular date and which numbers are often drawn on a particular date. Some numbers are neutrally drawn. It means that they can be drawn with a 50:50 chance on any date.


  1. The only days where the lotto number drawn is the same as the date are the 3rd, 6th, 11th, 22nd, 27th, and 28th of the month. On all other days, the probability is about half down compared to days 3, 6, 11, 22, 27, and 28.
  2. The 1st, 30th, and 31st day received the lowest hits. Day 31 got only 180 hits, perhaps, due to the reason that not all months have 31st day.
  3. Neutral numbers are 1, 9, 10, 12, 29, 37, 38, 39, and 41. This means that you can play these numbers on any date.
  4. The numbers 3, 7, 19, and 32 appear to be "hotter" than the neutral numbers. This means that on particular days, they tend to increase its probability. (Click the tab "Findings" to see the higher probability days.)
  5. The 4th, 8th, 13th, 18th, and 27th of the month appear to be friendlier to any number. This means that you can play any number on these dates and still expect a higher probability of making a hit.
  6. There are certain numbers which you should not play on a particular date. Click the "Findings" sheet of the document to find out which dates are these.