Why I Created This Blog

Being an accountant by profession, I have a keen patience in analyzing number data but lack the patience in getting the results done. I always think that there must be a quicker way to finish my job. Combined with my programming skills, I had made my routine office tasks a lot easier, more effective and quicker. When I left my employment to try my luck in Canada, luck wasn't there, so wasn't any employment. So, I went back home. Unfortunately, luck wasn't in the Philippines either. My age had become a disadvantage to get an employment; so, I decided to go freelance developing business applications like Payroll.

Programming is a skill that satisfies the logical part of my mind. Programming though, is a lot easier if every code and syntax were in my head. During the time when I had no projects, the codes in my memory would hesitate to be recalled. The next time I would resume a programming job, I would consult my reference book every now and then to refresh my memories. Not good because it slows down my productivity. So to keep my brain running all the time, I thought I should develop a program as a form of mental exercise during my slack seasons. Deciding, however, what program to create was another thing.

In 1995, Internet technology in the Philippines was unknown to the public except to the "techy" guys. I was privileged to have worked in a company where the CEO was a graduate of Harvard and a lover of Apple Macintosh. Windows wasn't born yet then. There was only MacSE - that little handsome Macintosh that you could carry in one hand and wondered how they were able to put both the CPU and the monitor inside a tiny box. Equipped with Netscape Navigator (a browser), that little graphical Mac that introduced the mouse to the market, allowed us programmers to see the world, through a little MacSE window, a virtual world called the Internet.

When the Philippine lottery was born in 1995, there was no Internet to check if your lotto tickets won any prize. The Winsum lotto outlets instead sold a booklet that listed all lotto results. In time, the pages of that lotto booklet were growing thicker. One time, while browsing the pages full of numbers, an idea was born in my head. Those numbers were one database! I could play with those numbers by developing a program to manipulate them as a means to keep my programming motors running. Thus, the birth of my lotto program.

Through the years, my lotto program was growing bigger. From time to time, I would test the results by actually playing the numbers. Unfortunately, my lotto program never gave me a single coin. It was not making any sense.

I was cleaning my hard disk one time, deleting the files that seemed useless. For ten years my lotto program just sat there in that concentric magnetic disc waiting to be touched again. With a click of a mouse, it was about to go to the recycle bin. But something in my head stopped me. I thought to myself, "I spent years developing this program." The program could be useless but consider the time and mental effort I consumed for this program, it is valuable for me. But what could I do with it?

The "Parable of the Talents" constantly reminds me to share whatever I have. "Talents" do not mean only money but it also means skills, knowledge, time, talent, and counsel. Share it! That was the inspiration. How would I be able to share the program?

Enter Blogger. That time I was starting to learn how to blog. So, I thought I'd share the information whatever my lotto program could produce. Not to promise anything like winning but only the pleasure to share whatever information I can discover. I present to the Netizens the data but the ball is up to their hands.

Thus, the birth of Lotto Tips 888!