EZ2 Lotto 11 AM PCSO Draw Results August 2008

The following are PCSO EZ2 lotto results from the 11:00 AM draws, August 25-31, 2008.

Date 1st 2nd
08/25/08 21 28
08/26/08 6 25
08/27/08 26 26
08/28/08 22 1
08/29/08 31 22
08/30/08 2 21
08/31/08 13 22


Lotto Tip #2: Any 5 Of The Jackpot Numbers Are Rarely Repeated Together

Take 5 numbers from any previous jackpot numbers and combine them with a new number? Will they win, say 6 matches? Possible but very unlikely.

A group of 6 numbers can form six 5-number combinations. For example, from the March 8, 1995 draw, the jackpot numbers 4-20-22-30-34-38 can form the following 5-number combinations:
  • 04 - 20 - 22 - 30 - 34
  • 04 - 20 - 22 - 30 - 38
  • 04 - 20 - 22 - 34 - 38
  • 04 - 20 - 30 - 34 - 38
  • 04 - 22 - 30 - 34 - 38
  • 20 - 22 - 30 - 34 - 38
If you tried these numbers again, they have never won up to this time. The reason is that, any 5 numbers from previous jackpot numbers rarely win again.

5805 jackpot numbers from lotto 6/42, 6/45, 6/49, and 6/55 studied. From 5805 jackpot draw results, 34830 five-number combinations are formed. Out of 34830 combinations, only 395 combinations won twice or repeated. None of them won more than twice.

Therefore, for every 87 combos, one occurs twice; or a ratio 1:87 or 1.15% probability of winning again calculated as follows:
         87.177 = (34830 - 395) ÷ 395
          1.15% =  1 ÷ 87.177
          1.15% =  395 ÷ (34830 - 395)

As of 8/27/2008, 3,889 combined results have been drawn from the 6/42, 6/45, and 6/49 lotto. These results produce 23,334 quints. I wanted to find out if there's any quint that would be most often 'hot'. I found out that out of 23,334 quints, only 192 quints appeared twice; and not one appeared more than twice. Therefore, the probability of a quint being drawn twice is only 0.82%.

That means, if 5 of your lotto numbers have been part of any drawn result before, it is unlikely that they'd be drawn again. So, might as well substitute one number with another one to form a new combination.

You can download my Lotto Checker to help you find out if your lotto numbers had the won a jackpot previously, or the second prize, which is 5 numbers matched.

In a Nutshell

We have produced 2 parameters at this point.
  1. Your lotto 6-number combination should be unique, which means never been drawn before in all 6/42, 6/45, 6/49 and 6/55 lotto.
  2. Any 5 from your lotto numbers should also be unique, which means never won 5 matches from previous drawings.


Lotto Tip #1: Jackpot Numbers Are Unique

This is an interesting discovery! Jackpot numbers are unique. They are not repeated. They don't win the second time.

After I had entered all the jackpot numbers from all the Philippine system-6 lotto drawings (there were only 6/42 and 6/45 then), the very first thing that my program did was to check any duplicate entries. If there were, I had to verify if my data were correct. After each correction, I would run the program again until there were no more errors. When my program was no longer showing duplicate entries, I realized that that means the jackpot numbers were all unique! Interesting! For that reason, that finding pushed my curious mind the more to perform more extensive tests.

From time to time, I would test this fact. When lotto 6/49 was born, the fact remained the same until October 11, 2006 when the numbers 1, 4, 9, 16, 36, 37 won from Mega lotto 6/45. The same numbers won on September 22, 1999, also from Mega Lotto 6/45.

Based on 3,867 4012 results, only two of them are exactly the same. This is the very first and only jackpot numbers that won twice. No other jackpot numbers were ever drawn more than once.

Even if there exists already one instance of jackpot numbers winning twice, the probability of this to happen again is very low – 1 instance for every 4012 draws. For that reason, it remains wiser to play lotto numbers that are unique. That means, your 6-number lotto combination that you wish to play must remain unique — never been drawn before.

Update: 5,805 jackpot numbers were gathered. This already includes jackpot numbers from Lotto 6/55. As of today (4/24/12), the fact remains the same that only one jackpot numbers had won twice. That means for every 5805 draws, 2 have the same jackpot numbers; or 2:5805 or 0.03%.

The Probability of Each Number
The Odds of Winning


Play All Numbers and Combine Them In Uneven Distribution

All-number 6/42 Matrix Evenly Spread
1st Pos2nd Pos3rd Pos4th Pos5th Pos6th Pos

Take a look at the matrix on the left. All the numbers 1 to 42 are present and they are evenly spread (all 6 numbers apart). The numbers are in ascending order so that we can evenly spread them. The question is: Is it a good idea to evenly spread the numbers? The answer is NO. Based on statistics, not one result had the numbers evenly spread whether 1 number apart, 2 numbers apart, 3 numbers apart, etc. Therefore, the idea is to combine the numbers unevenly distributed. If arranged in ascending order, the numbers apart between two numbers should be variant. If we played this matrix in December 2008, we could have hit 3 numbers correctly 5 times.

Modified All-Number 6/42 Matrix

All-number 6/42 Matrix Distributed Unevenly
1st Pos2nd Pos3rd Pos4th Pos5th Pos6th Pos

The next table is the modified all-number 6/42 matrix. This time, I have unevenly spread the numbers. Assuming we played these numbers in December 2008, we could have hit 3 numbers correctly ten times. Not bad; better than none. However, the sad part is that the winnings were not enough to cover what we could have spent. That's the reason why playing lotto every day is not advisable. If your budget is only P100 a week, then play only once a week. That way you don't have to lose much. Might as well save P100 a day. At the end of the month you'd have P3000. Then once a month, spend P500 or P1000 out of your savings to play the lotto. If you budget your money, spending doesn't hurt much.

Selected Lotto Results
Lotto GameJackpot NumbersDate of Draw

So, how good was our matrix? It could have been better if we had hit 4 numbers correctly. Perhaps, in the future, we would. The bottom line, however, is that the modified-matrix is better than the previous one. :)

The third table shows the actual results when we could have hit 3 numbers correctly.

In the meantime, let's leave our matrix that way.

The Probability of Each Number
The Odds of Winning


The Probability of Each Number Making A Match

In my previous post, I mentioned the number of combinations that can be formed from lotto 6/42, 6/45, 6/49 and 6/55. Based on those figures, we already know that our odds of winning the lotto 6/42 is 1 over 5 million. From lotto 6/45, it is 1 over 8 million; from 6/49, 1 over 13 million; and from lotto 6/55, 1 over 28 million.

Playing Lotto 6/42, therefore, gives you better chances of hitting a number correctly than from lotto 6/45, 6/49 or 6/55. No wonder why the 6/42 jackpot is often won, more frequently compared to the jackpots of 6/45, 6/49, and lotto 6/55.

For each number in 6/42, the chance of hitting it correctly is 1:42 or 2.38%. With 6 numbers, 21.43%; but, you have to play all numbers in order to benefit from that probability. That means forming seven 6-number combinations. At least, that assures you that 6 of these numbers will make a hit. It's just a matter of combining them effectively. The challenge now is which numbers would you combine with other numbers. Try LGPlus to find out.

The Odds of Winning


The Odds of Winning Lotto

The odds of winning a lotto is 1 in a million – 5 to 28 million depending on the type of game.

The table below shows the number of combinations you can make on each type of lotto game. For lotto 6/55, for example, the odds or chance of winning a jackpot is 1 : 28 million.

Lotto TypeNumber of Combinations

To get these results, use this formula:

c = n! / (n-r)! / r!


c = the number of combinations;
n = the highest lotto number in the game
r = how many numbers are drawn
! = the factorial of a number

For example, for lotto 6/42, n = 42 and r = 6. Using the formula: c = 42! / (42-6)! / 6!; i.e. the factorial of 42 divided by the factorial of 42 minus 6 divided by the factorial of 6. The factorial of a number is derived at by multiplying consecutive numbers. For example, the factorial of 6 or 6! is derived at by 6 x 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1.

The Significance of These Numbers

The Philippine Lotto has drawn more than 3,975 5,310 jackpot numbers out of 56,364,337 million combinations. Can you imagine your chance of winning with one combination only? Therefore, to increase your chances of winning, play multiple combinations once or twice a month instead of playing 1 combination everyday. But if your budget is tight, playing 1 combination is not that bad idea. If you could only come up with the "perfect combination" or the combinations with high probabilities, maybe, your chances would be more positive. But how?

The LG+ or Lotto Generator Plus that can be downloaded from this page is a tool that calculates the probability of each lotto number or group of numbers.

Increasing the Odds of Winning

To increase the odds of being "lucky"  in a lotto game, you can eliminate the unlikely chances of winning. For example, the combination 1-2-3-4-5-6 is possible but very unlikely for the reason that a winning combination is usually a mix of numbers with no specific patterns. The lowest winning combination so far is 1-2-3-4-14-20. From 6/42 game, it is 2-5-6-7-8-10.

One by one, I'm going to explore the possibility of identifying which number combinations may be likely or unlikely to be drawn. So, do get back to this blog again and check out.

Good Luck and Good Fortune!


History of Philippine Lotto

English Lottery 1566 Scroll. Courtesy Wikipedia.
Lottery in the Philippines started in the 1850s. Dr. Jose Rizal won P6,000 from lotto in September 1892. He spent one-third of it to build a house in Calamba.

In 1995, Manuel Morato, then chairman of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office , revived the lottery games in the Philippines with the aim to increase more funds for the PCSO's charity programs. The current lottery started with only the Lotto 6/42 game. It's very first draw was on March 8, 1995. The winning number combination was 4, 20, 22, 30, 34, and 38. Today, Philippine Lotto also includes Grandlotto 6/55, Superlotto 6/49, and Megalotto 6/45.

Early history of the lottery is said to have started in China during the Han Dynasty between 205 and 187 B.C.  You can read a wider scope of the history of lottery in the world at Wikipedia.