Lotto 6/42: Recurrence Of Sticky Threesomes

A sticky threesome is a group of 3 numbers often drawn together. These numbers seem to stick together. In the previous post, sticky foursomes are possible but the probability is less than 1%. Sticky threesomes is a different story.

Is it Good to Stick with Sticky Threesomes?

A sample of lotto 6/42 results from 1,943 drawings were studied. Based on 1,943 jackpot numbers, you can form 38,860 sets of 3 numbers. Some of these sets may have duplicates; some are unique. From these sets, only 1,263 sets remain unique. The rest, 37,597 sets occured at least twice. That means 3.2% of the sets were drawn only once. The remaining 96.8% were drawn more than once. By removing all duplicates from the 38,860 sets, only 11,043 sets remain, of which 9,780 sets were the numbers that occured more than twice; while 1,263 were the sets that occured only once. Therefore, 88.56% of possible trios or threesomes are considered recurring; while only 11.44% are considered non-recurring.

Significance of Sticky Threesomes

Based on the percentages stated above, there's a high probability that any set of 3 numbers extracted from any jackpot numbers can be drawn a multiple times. On record, the highest recurrence of sticky threesomes is 13 times; the lowest is 2 times; or an average of 3.8 occurrences per threesome. Based on these figures, we can conclude that there's no particular threesome that is constantly sticky. Any set of 3 numbers has a good and fair chance. Therefore, whether you stick with the sticky threesomes or non-sticky ones, your odds of winning remain the same. Any threesome can be sticky.

A Cluster of Sticky Threesomes

A cluster of sticky threesomes is a group of sticky threesomes within a larger group of numbers. In a group of 6 numbers, you can form 20 sets of threesomes (or 3-number group). Say each group has recurred 5 times, that means your 6 numbers have won 3 hits a 100 times (5 times 20). At this point, I don't know yet if a cluster of sticky numbers can give you a better chance. You can download Lotto Generator Plus 6/42 (not available at this moment)., a tool that determines which numbers form sticky clusters, to test it yourself.

In a Nutshell

At this point, we already know that:

  1. Jackpot numbers can occur only once.
  2. Any 5 of the jackpot numbers can be drawn twice but the probability is less than 1%.
  3. Any 4 of the jackpot numbers can be drawn more than twice but the probability is less than 1% as well.
  4. Any 3 of the jackpot numbers can be drawn a multiple times. No specific 3-number group is constantly sticky. Any set of 3 is as good as any other.

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Lotto 6/42 Sticky Foursomes: Are They Worth Winning?

Based on 1,943 results (jackpot drawings), any set of 4 numbers coming from any jackpot drawings can win more than once. On record, sticky foursomes have been drawn 3 to 5 times. So far, Lotto 6/42 has 250 sticky foursomes - these are 4 numbers that are usually drawn together repeatedly. Based on 1,943 results, there are 29,145 possible sticky foursomes. Only 250 of these are considered sticky, being drawn 3 to 5 times. The rest, being drawn only once, is 28,625 foursomes. That only makes 0.87%, which is the ratio of sticky foursomes versus unique foursomes.

Would you stick to sticky foursomes?

It is possible that any 4 of any jackpot numbers can be drawn again even up to 5 times. The chance however of that going to happen is less than 1%. Ninety-nine percent says that it's unlikely to happen. Would you go for 1% chance or 99% chance of not sticking to sticky foursomes?

How to check for sticky foursomes

Eliminating sticky foursomes can increase your chance of possibly winning the Lotto considering that 99% of foursomes remain unique or being drawn only once. If you want to find out that you are not playing again the sticky foursomes, you need a program, at least, a spreadsheet program, to check your numbers. The Lotto 6/42 Checker is a tool that stores Lotto 6/42 jackpot drawings. It allows you to check your numbers if at least 4 of your numbers have been previously part of any jackpot numbers. You can download the Lotto 6/42 Checker at (not available at this moment)..

In a nutshell

By eliminating those against the odds, you already know that:

  1. No two jackpot numbers are alike. Each drawing gives a unique combination of lotto numbers.
  2. Any combination of 5 numbers from jackpot numbers can be drawn twice but the probability is only 0.66%.

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Trending This Week In Philippine Lotto

Trending this week in Philippine Lotto are the 4s, 3s, 6s, and 7s. Turning cold are the 9s. Below is the complete tally.

GroupLotto Numbers
431 - 40 - 04 - 49
734 - 25 - 07 - 43
642 - 15 - 06 - 24 - 33 - 51
312 - 30 - 39 - 03 - 21
101 - 19 - 37 - 46 - 55
523 - 14 - 05 - 32 - 41
835 - 08 - 17 - 44
211 - 20 - 38 - 47
927 - 36 - 09

The numbers that you don't see in the table are numbers that are turning cold. The numbers in red are hot numbers. The rest are warm numbers that may turn hot or cold in the next few days.

How the numbers are grouped

The numbers are grouped into nine according to their reduced single digit. For example, group 4 or the 4s are 4, 13, 22, 31, 40, and 49. If you add the two digits, the sum is four. For example, 4 + 9 = 13; 1 + 3 = 4.

A lotto jackpot is usually composed of a mix of hot, warm, and cold numbers. Rarely that a group is included more than twice. For example, a jackpot combination may be composed of unique groups like 476315 or a set of unique groups plus a double group like 928512. This is true in Lotto 6/42. In other Lotto games like 6/45, having two numbers from one group is common.

Trending may change overnight. If you want to find out what's trending, collect all the lotto results for the last 7 days and make a tally. Observe then how the numbers behave.

Good Luck!

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Could Lotto Trending Give You An Idea of the Numbers To Win Next?

Click to enlarge
Let's analyze. Above is a tally of all lotto numbers drawn in the last 12 draws. It covers all lotto games - Grand Lotto 6/55, Super Lotto 6/49, Mega Lotto 6/45, and Lotto 6/42.

I grouped the numbers into 9 sections as you can see in the image. Down below are the total hits or matches in each group. Note that the 6s and 1s were trending followed by the 3s and 2s. Getting cold were the 8s and 9s.

Let's see the result of the draws on Nov 2, 2011.

Grand lotto : 01 - 22 - 55 - 25 - 23 -15 
Mega lotto : 23 - 38 - 06 - 45 - 17 - 30

The results were a mix of hot, cold, and warm numbers.

Trending Odd and Even

Based on the tally of the results, 28 were odd numbers, 44 were even numbers. The results on Nov. 2 gave exactly the opposite.

Let's do another grouping.

I grouped the numbers into 1s, 10s, 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s. The 20s topped with 21 hits; followed by the 30s with 17 hits. The 50s are the coldest with 1 hit; the 40s with 7 hits. The 1s and 10s resulted to 12 and 14 hits respectively.

Now, let's examine the Nov. 2 draw results. Four are 20s. Two are  30s. Two are 1s. Two are 10s. One is 40s. And one is 50s.

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